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5 Essential Tools for Home that Would Save You Some Bucks

An ideal home has everything to make the living comfortable, ranging from washing machine, dishwasher, microwave & oven for delicious cooking to a bathtub for relaxing bath time, hygienic flush systems. We are so used to these utilities that a day without them becomes a mess.

Every appliance and home system urge for a maintenance. In absence of proper care, the life of these appliances and systems could get shortened. Some repairs can put a heavy dent in your budget. A typical plumbing job could cost you $45 to $150 per hour.

As always being said, prevention is better than cure, here are 5 essentialities that you must invest your money on, for long-term savings.

Bathtub strainers & hair catcher

We are all aware of the situation of sighting a bunch of hair in the bathtub water drain. It looks dirty and is the major cause of clogging. It is a small equipment made of durable material which could capture the hair or other debris in the bathtub and prevent the clogging & obstruction to waterflow. It is a simple device, no rocket-science but a must-have for every bathroom that has a bathtub. The installation is just fit-and-push kind.

Humidity collector

High humidity not only makes you restless but have some direct & indirect negative health effects. Prolonged humidity leads to the growth of Mold and mildew in the home. These are microscopic organisms which can be highly toxic if they get into human body. Dust mites also love humidity. They can aggravate the symptoms in patients with asthma and allergies. Humidity collector or Dehumidifier, as it is rightly called, must not be miss upon. It is a simpler solution to a healthier air.

Kitchen sink strainer

It is a good habit to collect all the food residue from the utensils before they make their way to the kitchen sink and throw it in the food bin. Small food items stick to the drain pipe of the kitchen sink and over the time results in a heavy clogging. A small kitchen sink strainer works like a superhero here by stopping the food crumbs right at the top brim of the sink drain hole.This small plumbing part should be bought without any second thoughts.

Side sprays

It is another useful tool for the kitchen. It is a handheld faucet for kitchen sink which makes washing easy and less clumsy. Sometimes, the size of the utensil does not fit in the sink. While washing them, the water goes out of the sink area and may damage the grouting around the sink, causing water to seep in. This leads to leakage under the sink cabinet. They are built of durable plastic and have a beautiful paint finish. This made them long-lasting.

Energy Monitors

You might have heard your parents (or yourself, too) complaining about the high energy consumption and high energy bills. Well! You must suggest them this device – Energy monitors. These are electronic devices that connect with your smartphone to show where and how energy is being used in your premises. These devices are sure to save around 15% of your gas and electricity bills. Using this, you can easily change your ignorant behaviour, for instance, leaving your television on standby mode instead of switching it off from the main switch.

Hope this list will help you in some more savings for your next summer holidays. Do not forget to add these to your shopping list and shopping bag too.

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