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What are The 5 Benefits of This Superior Honey Water Morning Drink and How to Prepare It

Honey is the most used product in our family and it reminds me of all the happy winter times we have shared in our family. The only thing I like the most about the winter times is a cup of hot honeyed rose hip tea while reading a compelling book in my cosy attic during a peaceful evening. However, we consume honey on a daily basis not only with tea, but also honey bee water, because so far, it is the most reliable treatment for a well-being and, the most important – for an immune system recovery. I have read a lot of articles on how to improve your general well-being, for which I don’t know what is and what is not reliable, but for me it is enough to know that I got the number one right recipe – warm honey water on an empty stomach.

honey water

Honey water benefits:

The benefits of honey with warm water on an empty stomach are endless in a real sense of the word, but quite few are worth to be mentioned. If I kept your attention so far, I can say I am lucky to have caught you here to get you all into this recipe:

1. Drink honey and water instead of those DETOX beverages!

Let’s be honest! What is that magical ingredient in the recipe of those detox beverages that the honey doesn’t have? This ingredient is the combination of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are most natural and nowhere else found in any detox liquid you will ever try. By helping you to flush out all the toxins you are creating a healthy base for a healthy body. Remember, a healthy body is a detoxified body.

2. Start losing weight TODAY!

How is that even possible, you may wonder? But, you will never find an answer much simpler. By consuming warm water and honey early in the morning you will simply satisfy your cravings for sweet food and everything else that makes you hate yourself. Thus, the intake of sweets will be reduced. Another thing is that the honey contains healthy enzymes which will improve digestion and your diet life. So, you can start your honey water diet just now.

3. Honey and water against immune system breakdown

Literally, this honey and warm water drink recipe is a helping hand to your immune system. It is anti-viral, antibacterial, and anticancer! What more do you ask for? Its three anti-properties won’t let the bacteria invade your organism. Moreover, the enzymes, vitamins and minerals fight the free radicals that cause the chaos sooner or later.

4. Stop the sore throat and the cough

Treating the sore throat and the cough with warm water and honey is such a useful tip, even though I don’t believe that someone in such a need, hasn’t tried it. A study has shown that taking a single dose of the dextromethorphan drug was as just effective as a single dose of honey, in treating sore throat and coughs. Not only, this beverage helps in such cases, but it also reduces the colds, flu, coughs, etc. Honey and water for sore throat was a famous ancient recipe, too.

5. Warm honeyed water instead of an energy drink

Honey is an instant powerful energizer. It will return the lost energy just as an energy drink would. But, wait…I am not sure it is as effective as an energy drink, but I claim it is better as it has no consequences on your heart and your health in general. Energy drinks are bad for your cardiovascular system, but the benefits of this warm and sweet drink are indisputable.

How to make honey water recipe?

All you need for the preparation of this healthy, time-saving, morning drink is organic honey and water. You can flavour your morning “tea” is lemon, cinnamon or even ginger for extra energy.


For best results make sure that your stomach is empty. The morning is the best part of the day for consumption of this beverage, or more precisely, drink it as soon as you are out of the bed because, the sooner is the better.

  • Warm one cup of hot water (not too hot, nor too cold). It MUSTN’T be hot because the honey loses its properties.
  • Put one tbs. of raw organic honey in the water and mix well,
  • Drink on an empty stomach.

NOTE! If any of you has been wandering why the water is essential in this recipe, it is so because the water is crucial for all body processes. It speeds up the processes and distributes the magic ingredients to every cell in our body.

Guys, I hope that this recipe will trigger your curiosity to enjoy the benefits of drinking honey with warm water and do something good for your body from today on. Please share with your friends and enjoy the morning detox drink.

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