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5 Benefits of Taking up Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is more than just dancing. It has become a prominent form of exercise and sport around the globe. Pole dancing has numerous health and fitness benefits and uses your body weight to increase muscle, develop flexibility and balance, and boost metabolism. It is good for the body, mind, and soul. If you are looking for a means of keep fit and you don’t like the gym, you can try pole dancing.

Here are five benefits of taking up pole dancing.
1. Helps you burn calories

Many people in the contemporary society struggle with weight loss and are ready to engage in any form of exercise to cut a few pounds. Pole dancing taxes muscles throughout the body and helps to burn calories that result in weight loss. Also, it is great for cardiovascular activity. A pole workout gives you the peak heart rates required for good cardio health.

2. Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

Pole fitness requires coordination, balance and back and core strength. You learn to control spins, turns, and pivots that will, in turn, strengthen muscles in your body. Pole dancing strengthens your back and you no longer need someone to help you to carry your groceries or move your couch. It helps you develop a strong body, build stamina, and make you feel sexy. Pole dancing involves a lot of stretching and twirling that increase your flexibility. Flexibility has positive outcomes for injury prevention and muscle and joint health.

3. Bones and Joints Health

Pole dancing is a safe form of exercise because it does not exert huge stress on joints. Joint pain is a pressing issue for many people and women are vulnerable to osteoporosis later in life. By developing strong bones and increasing joint mobility, women can decrease the risk of osteoporosis. When gripping the pole, you strengthen your hands’ muscles and reduce the probability of strain injuries.

4. Builds Confidence

Pole dancing not only benefits your outer body but your inner body too. It endows you with a sense of confidence and independence found in no other sport. You get a new body that makes heads turn and increases your self-esteem. Pole dancing turns your focus from the appearance of your body to what your body can do. Developing confidence is not restricted to your state of mind. You begin to walk with the nimbleness and graciousness of a cat and improve your posture.

5. Meet New Friends

Attending pole dancing classes will help you meet new people and enhance your social connectivity. It helps you develop positive relationships with other dance students and you motivate each other on the dancing journey. You get people to share the successes and setbacks of learning something new. You become part of the sisterhood that pole dancing creates with approximately 20 pole sports federations, numerous pole studios worldwide, and a large online community.

Pole dancing has a broad range of benefits for the body, soul, and mind. You get numerous physical, psychological, and emotional improvements from the dance. Unfortunately, some people perceive pole dancing negatively and associate it to the exotic dance industry. It’s time to debunk this perception and embrace pole dancing as a form of recreation and fitness regime.