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4 Sports and Activities Women Often Choose for Fitness

Many women choose to stay fit and healthy by engaging in sports or trying out other fitness activities, such as dance. No matter the type selected, there is always the possibility participants can experience injuries while working out. Careful planning and execution of all activities are necessary steps to limit the chance for injury and ensure the best results are achieved.


Tennis is an extremely popular sport for both genders. Women often choose it because it is a great way to work up a sweat and get in aerobic exercise while feeling as though they’re doing something fun. The game helps to improve coordination, flexibility, and speed, while also burning fat.

Tennis elbow is a common injury occurred from playing this sport after the muscles get too overused and become inflamed. There is an option for surgery for tennis elbow that women can try if other measures have not worked effectively. They may need to modify the way they play so they use more of their entire arm when swinging and are not bending repeatedly at the elbow. Warming up and stretching out the arms adequately before playing will help with prevention. Recovery from this surgery can take between three and six months.


Golf is yet another popular option for both males and females. Women tend to choose it because it gives them a chance to exercise without feeling as though they are doing anything too strenuous. Golf is one of the top five competitive women’s sports. It will build strength and help burn calories after all the walking, swinging, and carrying of heavy golf clubs.

Tennis elbow is actually possible while playing golf as well due to the repetitive motion used from swinging the club. Taking a break from the sport, using over-the-counter medication for pain, and being sure to properly stretch out the arm may help restore motion without the need for surgery.


Whether women head out on a bike on their own, get a stationary bike to use at home, or join a cycling class, the act of riding a bike brings many fitness benefits. Plenty of calories get burned while cycling, as the legs, core, and arms are all engaged in the activity. The legs particularly receive a good workout, helping to tone and tighten the lower half of the body.

Knee pain sets in often for those who cycle. The repetitive motion of the knee joint can cause severe aches and even wear out the joint entirely if done too hard and too often. To combat this problem, women should be sure to stretch out their legs well before starting and do a cool down afterward to stretch them out more and regain some elasticity in the area. Special cycling insoles will help.

Surgery is possible for patellar tendinitis, a more severe cycling injury, although massage and physical therapy should be tried first. The surgery requires at least three months’ recovery time before resuming normal activities. It could take women closer to six months before returning to cycling or other sports activities.


Often offered in a class setting, Zumba provides aerobic exercise in a fun way. Women perform moves primarily inspired by Latin music. They get the feeling of dancing rather than exercising. Some places may use other genres of music to simply provide a more inclusive atmosphere where everyone can dance and move to songs they like and know.

Plantar fasciitis is essentially inflammation of the feet. This is a very common injury to occur during Zumba and other dance routines. Twisting the knee continuously after certain dance moves can also lead to problems. A meniscal tear is possible in this area, leading to severe pain. Rather than attempting a Zumba class on land, women can try Aqua Zumba and dance in the water for a lower impact workout that won’t do as much harm to the joints.

Women looking to lose weight, get fit, or simply live a healthy lifestyle can do so easily by incorporating one or more of these sports or activities into their daily lives. Injuries are possible whenever physical activity is involved, so women must be sure to properly stretch and warm up before performing, as well as have a cool down stretching period afterward. With some preventative measures considered, all women playing, competing, or participating in these sports or activities can see the best results.