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4 Holy Grail Brands Beauty Experts Swear By

 The world of skincare is absolutely chock-full with brands and products, and it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what’s right for you. There are mainstream products and indie brands, there are products that deal with specific concerns, and ranges of products that you use together. A solid beauty regimen is one of the most important ways to stop the signs of skin aging, or prevent them before they begin.

Taking care of your skin is important, and it should be a habit centered around good, healthy and effective products that actually keep your skin moisturized, protect you from the sun, and allow it to revitalize and renew itself. With all these requirements, how can you know what to use? Luckily, we can make finding the right product easier, by listening to influencers, gurus and Youtubers who share their experiences with certain products and provide recommendations we can follow. So what beauty brands are the experts recommending? Here are a few.

LivingTree Botanicals

In the last few years, CBD has really come to the fore as one of the most versatile, multiple problem-solving natural extracts ever! CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and that’s why it’s considered a favorite for a ton of conditions, including acne. Acne is a huge skin concern for millions of people, and sometimes the answer to this problem lies in nature. What makes CBD such a winner? Its amazing skin soothing properties. If your skin suffers from irritation, this might be your ticket to better skin with less side-effects.

CBD is also a miracle hydration product, so it packs a massive punch. Buying products containing CBD is one of the ways you can change your skin for the better, and LivingTree Botanicals sells a great range of CBD skin care formulations including under eye creams and serums that can fit right into your daily regimen.

The Ordinary

From skincare gurus on YouTube to TikTok, people just can’t stop talking about The Ordinary. Calling themselves “The Abnormal Beauty Company”, this range of skincare has found fans of all ages all over the world because their products work. They offer affordable formulations of some of the key active ingredients that solve some of the most common skin concerns. The Ordinary offers these formulations often in combination with other active ingredients so the products pack a punch and can transform your skin very effectively. They have formulations like Zinc and Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Vitamin C.

Drunk Elephant

If you look on a list of top beauty products in the last few years, you will definitely find one or two items from this brand. They create skincare routines for their products and they make it really easy for people to solve skin concerns and mix their products together. Known for their bright colored bottles and branding, there’s just something really different about Drunk Elephant. They offer multivitamin serums, creams and treatment, and you can choose from their wide range of formulations to find the combination that will help you achieve the best skin of your life!

K-Beauty Brands

K-Beauty is such a wide-reaching and globally popular segment that it’s hard to isolate one particular brand in a category of hundreds. Some of the most innovative products and formulations have come out of this mega industry, and people have been taking beauty notes from Korean women for decades. From the 10-step skincare routine to daily sheet masks, K-Beauty has changed how we approach our beauty, and you can choose from so many different brand names. From SK-II and Haruharu, to COSRX, THE FACE SHOP and Missha, experts recommend many brands in this category, so at any budget level, you can find something good. You can also solve whatever concerns you have like lightening and brightening, under eye brightness and acne.

There you have it, 4 beauty brands that have the potential to transform your skin if you add them to your daily or weekly routine. Good skin is something we can all achieve, but it can only be helped along by the lifestyles we have, and the products we invest in. Ultimately it’s about being willing to do a little bit of research to find exactly what works for you, and then sticking to the routine. Moisturize regularly, use SPF, use exfoliator and use a product that can help you mitigate sun damage and skin ageing in general. By being committed and consistent, you’ll have amazing, healthy and glowing skin that will enhance your beauty.