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3 Skin Brightening Products You Need To Know About

Skin lightening products are quite common these days. It’s not just because they are used for aesthetic purposes, but for certain conditions related to hyperpigmentation, they are quite effective. Most are known for having bleach as the key ingredient while others have some whiteners and fading chemicals. Some will also be more natural than others, while it’s also the case that some brands are more popular than others. One of the more effective is the Skin By Jada Ross, but you may also have heard of other brands such as Exaglow and Cobeco. Let’s explore some brands you can trust to lighten your skin consistently and safely.

Since 1851

One of the top skincare brands is Kiehls. It’s been around the block a few times since it opened in 1851. It’s known to make very unique skincare products for skin types. They make brilliant skincare products for men too, which is rare in the skincare industry. Their Strength-Line is known to brighten skin, especially around the eyes. It gives the skin a boost of vitamin C, getting rid of grey patches and skin discoloration due to tiredness and a lack of oxygenated blood in the skin. Their Ultra Facial Cream is very popular, because it revitalizes the skin, making it naturally brighten and looking youthful.

Hyperpigmentation and SPF-30+

You may not have thought that sunscreen would help hyperpigmentation, but it makes perfect sense. Hyperpigmentation is caused by hormonal changes and it is often genetic. It can create dark patches on your skin, particularly if you are of Asian or African descent. Your skin is a little more sensitive to the sun, in regard to color. Your skin will get darker and for patches of skin that are already abnormally dark, it can make them even darker. So, using nothing lower than SPF-30+ is highly recommended. One of the lists of ThisIslandNow recommends Zeta White to lighten your skin and protect it from the sun.

Glycomide cream

A rich body cream called Glycomide cream has about 9% glycolic acid, which is known to shed dead skin cells. When skin cells die, they change to a darker color, and you can see what this could mean for your skin complexion. It has rice bran oil and organic cranberry seed oil, which is known to provide rich hydration but not get your skin so irritated. The spicy floral scent is a clear sign that it has citric acid in it as well, which makes the skin more tort and springy. It also had ceramide 3 which binds skin cells together, making your skin tougher and able to absorb hydration easier. This can brighten your skin, helping you to look youthful and healthy.

If you would like to know more about skin lightening and brightening products, you need only ask. Contact us today to know more about the products we sell and how they could benefit your skin.