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4 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Stay in Vogue

Fashion is supposed to be fun and the clothes we wear should make you feel fantastic. But the fashion world changes fast and you are constantly bombarded with new styles, designs and trends. How can you stay in vogue in this ever-changing world? To help make getting dresses stress-free and fun, we’ve compiled a list of the fashion tips you should live-by every day. When you put these tips into action, you’ll stay stylish no matter what the occasion.


Learn the dress codes

The clothes you wear are a form of communication. Whether you are wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a fabulous silk gown, you are speaking out with the choices you’ve made. This is especially important to understand because it directly relates to the social situation you are in. If you are wearing leggings and a boyfriend shirt to work, you are sending out a message of relaxation and carefree approach. Therefore, since you are communicating and interacting with the social situation with your clothing, you need to be aware of this. You can wear items in isolation, but you must think of the consequences.

One of the most important style tips to take on board is the understanding of your social surroundings and the dress code that goes with it. If you are going to a wedding, you need to be aware of the expectations the couple have on guests’ appearance. If you are applying for a job, you want to show up to that interview with an understanding of what your clothes say about you. The Trend Spotter has a great comprehensive guide about the different dress codes and the social situations they match.

Create your personal style

Nonetheless, social awareness and consideration doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to your style. Business casual doesn’t mean you always need to opt for a classic black suit. The options are endless when it comes to creating a look to any particular social situation with a personalized touch.

If you want to look in vogue at all times, learn about your personality and craft your own signature style. What does it take to create a signature style?You need a comprehensive understanding of you body and your personality. Measure your body and learn the kind of clothing that flatters it. Write down the things you love in life and the kind of clothing you adore. You can browse retailers’ websites and simply create a wish list of things you want. What is the common theme with the items? Perhaps your shopping basket is full of shoes or you seem to love different bold patterns. Take the item and start using it as a statement in your style. Build your looks around stunning shoes or handbags, or opt for bold colors and pair them with muted tones.

Just remember to get items that you feel comfortable wearing and which greatly append to your existing trend. Staying in within budget is also an essential part which must have crossed your mind a several times by now. Voucher codes at OZCodes plays a crucial role in providing the updated discounts offered by top retailers on such clothing, accessories and more.

Focus on the fit

When it comes to looking good, fit is the single most important thing to focus on. You need to know your actual (not the imaginary) body size and learn to accept it. Don’t try to hide your body and don’t try to fit into clothing that just isn’t your size. Remember you can always shape and tone your body, but you can’t compromise your looks right now!

If you are a bit outside of the average box, don’t fall into despair. There are great options for petite women, like the items available at Missguided, and if you are a voluptuous woman then check out retailers like City Chic and BeMe. Just remember to measure, check the size guides and stick to them! The right fit will add tons of style to your look and it will turn heads in a positive way.

Invest in fashion staples

It’s always a good idea to check on the latest trends and add a bit of flair to your look. But you don’t want to revamp your wardrobe every season, and so you should focus on getting the wardrobe staples. For women, your wardrobe should include the following stylish pieces:

  • A pair of jeans – Mid Blu Wash Amelie super skinny jeans from River Island
  • A black cocktail dress – Off-the-Shoulder Cocktail dress from The Iconic
  • A plain white shirt – Cotton shirt with Pephem from ASOS
  • A blazer – Camilla And Marc Dimmer Blazer from David Jones
  • A pair of classic black pants – Zip Detail Slim Leg Pants from Target

Just by having these essentials, you are already able to create a combination of great looks. Have a business event coming up? Pair your black pants with the white shirt and the blazer. Are you meeting up with friends? Pair your jeans with the white shirt for a more relaxed look. Naturally, these are just the essentials and you should build your wardrobe around these items by adding color and patterns, according to trends.

The above fashion tips should help you create a wardrobe that guarantees you look stylish in all occasions. The key is to learn what you like to wear and to find the right cuts and colors for your personality and body. Above all, have fun with your fashion and only opt for things you truly like to wear!