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3 Ways to Infuse CBD Oil Into Your Meals

The use of CBD oil has become mainstream in recent years, and if you’re a daily CBD user, you can find ways to infuse the oils with your foods rather than just take the oil directly. From CBD cupcakes to CBD smoothies, the possibilities are endless. Here are the best ways to infuse the Aviator Farms’ CBD oil, steps to avoid, and how to add intricate flavors to foods and drinks.

1. Desserts

Make the oils a part of everyday desserts you bake in the kitchen. When you still want maximum effectiveness with your oils, you want to avoid direct heat. This includes adding drops to a pan or other cooking device like an air fryer. So, if you are baking desserts, consider some of the room temperature elements to use the Aviator Farms CBD oil with.

For example, if you bake donuts, cakes, or cupcakes, then you can add CBD oil directly to the frosting. If you enjoy ice cream or pie, then mix a few drops of CBD oil into a whipped cream topping. Add the oils right before you serve the dessert for the best results.

2. Fresh Foods

Aviator Farms’ CBD oil is an all-natural ingredient that works well with fresh foods. You can combine it with other oils you use with meals. One of the best examples is olive oil. When you use olive oil for various recipes, you can mix CBD oil and create an infusion that goes well.

You may use the oils on meats or vegetables once the foods have finished cooking and are removed from the heat source. Along with olive oil, consider coconut oil or avocado oil as alternative options.

If you are making a sandwich and top it off with a little avocado oil, you can also add a few drops of CBD oil. The CBD oils will soak right into the bread. If you make a salad, the oil blends into lettuce, spinach and other toppings like tomatoes. You can mix the CBD oil with salad dressing like a vinaigrette or an oil-based dressing like Italian.

If you enjoy fruit, then transform your fruit bowl with some CBD oil. The oils will soak into fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas. The oil won’t change the texture of the fruit while allowing you to easily consume your daily supply.

3. Drinks

If you prefer, you can add Aviator Farms’ CBD oil directly to your drinks rather than the food you eat. Cold and clear drinks work the best to infuse the oils. Consider carbonated beverages like sodas and seltzer waters. If you drink your coffee black, you can add oils to the drink. Juices like lemonade and apple juice work well with CBD oil.

Mixed drinks are another option for CBD oil. You can add their Strawberry CBD Oil right into a blender as you create fruit smoothies. Try out different recipes to see how you enjoy the flavors and help reduce any strong aftertaste that comes with CBD oil.

The oils will not mix well with milk and creamer and often float to the top of the drink rather than blend in. Avoid those dairy-based drinks unless you do not mind sipping the oils first on top of the drink. The oils may mix better as part of a milk shake. If you work out, then you can infuse a few drops of their ‘Day’ CBD Oil into a protein shake. The oil soaks into protein powder and mixes well.


Try Aviator Farms’ CBD Oil
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