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3 Ways to Boost your Mother’s Day Flowers This Year

When it comes to Mother’s Day, flowers are a timeless classic. But sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra do the old faithful gift of flowers. So if you want mix it up this year with a couple of additional treats, here are our top three suggestions!


Another classic! Chocolates are a great way to express your appreciation of your mum’s love and care. And of course there are lots of different types of chocolate you can get to mix it up. So if your mum’s a fan of dark chocolate or prefers creamy Belgian delights, there’s a box of chocolates out there that she will love. If you know her favourite chocolate, then that’s a pretty safe bet and you’ll get extra points for showing that you know her well. Or, if you fancy trying something new, how about some vodka or gin chocolates? You’d be surprised at how many different varieties are available these days!

Aside from satisfying your mum’s sugar cravings, the other great thing about a box of chocolates is that it can be shared. And what better way to enjoy your family’s company than by sharing a box of chocolates whilst reminiscing about your childhood?


Slip in a bit of luxury into this year’s Mother’s Day gift with a bottle of bubbly! With its reputation for being expensive and fancy, it’s sure to impress your mum and it’s another thing you can share and enjoy as a family.

And if you’re treating your mum to a lovely breakfast in bed, you can upgrade it to a champagne breakfast too… providing that you pace yourself and drink responsibly of course!


Candles, reed diffusers, essential oils and other fragrant products are a great gift idea. It’s the type of thing that your mum would enjoy but wouldn’t necessarily spend the money on herself. And with so many scents and blends available, you can find something depending on your mum’s taste and needs.

So for example, if your mum’s always busy running around and looking after other people, you could give her a lavender or frankincense scented candle or diffuser to help her relax and unwind. Or for an uplifting and energising scent how about peppermint, grapefruit, lemon or rosemary?

With so many combinations of scents and oils out there, you’re bound to find something just right for your mum’s personality, taste and individual needs. And of course, finding just the right scent will go a long way in showing your mum that you listen to her and understand her needs.

Remember the Three C’s

So there you have it: Chocolates, Champagne and Candles. Three great ways to add to the usual gift of Mother’s Day Flowers and earn some brownie points this year. And if you can’t choose between them… how about treating your mum by adding all three along? After all, Mother’s Day is a time to show love and appreciation to the most important woman in your life so why not go all out!

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