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3 Ways To Reduce Those Hunger Cravings

Most people that start a diet won’t follow it to the end. One of the biggest deciding factors on its longevity is hunger. Our hunger simply gets the better of us and while we are reducing our intake, it seems to make sense that we should feel hungrier and therefore crave more food. Interestingly enough research has demonstrate that depending on the type of food that we eat, can affect how much we are to eat in the future. In this article we will review the 3 ways you can reduce those cravings and increase your weight loss resolve.

Less Sugar & Salt

You may have heard this before, a balance diet is the key to weight loss and reducing hunger. Too much or too little can affect our performance, health and general wellbeing. My Daily Intake recommends that the average person should not consume more then 90 grams of sugar and no more than 2,300 mg of sodium (found in salt). These are 2 important macro-nutrients that control hunger. Sugar is known for being addictive, increasing hunger and causing both leptin and insulin resistance. Furthermore, studies have shown that sugar is not filling, simply the body doesn’t recognize it as a filling food. Even more concerning is the way it promotes the storage of fat and supresses the role of leptin, which tells the brain to stop eating. On the other hand, sodium enhances the flavour of food and increases thirst. Research has link a high sodium diet with an increased likelihood of eating more (due to the enhanced flavour) and consuming more drink. Depending on your beverage of choice this could result in more sugar being consumed and a further increase in hunger at some stage in the near future.

By choosing foods that are lower in sugar and sodium content, can certain help reduce those food cravings to the point where it may no longer be a constant struggle each day, you simply won’t feel like eating more. Start by being more informed, read the nutritional labels on the product you eat. Watch out for frozen foods and products label low-fat, as they generally have a higher sodium and sugar content.


Keep Full With Protein & Fiber

Apart from providing vital amino acids to help recover, tone and build muscle, protein is also a good appetite suppressant. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness, proving that protein is even more useful at supressing the appetite then both carbohydrates and fat. Additionally, research has revealed the mechanism behind proteins appetite reducing effects. By stimulating Mu-Opioid Receptors (MORs) in the stomach, protein effectively signals the brain to curb its appetite, reducing the level of hunger. Fiber on the other hand is controversially useful for curbing appetite. With some studies demonstrating that, fruit eaten as a whole enhance satiety more so than squeezed juice. In general fiber adds to the size of a meal without the additional calories. This is because the carbohydrates in fiber are not easily absorbed by the body’s digestive system. Food containing more fiber require more of an effort to eat and digest. Slowing down the release of nutrients throughout the process.

By choosing foods that are high in protein and fiber, you increase the likelihood that a present meal will satisfying hunger for a longer period of time. This means that you won’t be so tempted to eat again in an hour or two. Protein can be found in chicken, beans, red meat and eggs, whereas fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables and nuts.


Whey Protein & Weight Loss Supplements

A convenient and tasteful way to increase protein intake during the day is with a protein supplement such as whey protein. Interestingly enough, whey protein has also been shown to satisfy hunger and increase satiety more so then both casein and soy. Furthermore, in another study its supplementation yielded a greater loss in body fat and a bigger increase in retained muscle mass over the control group. Likewise weight loss supplements such as fat burners contain ingredients that can promote an increase in satiety, energy, focus and a reduction in hunger.

After practicing the first 2 methods listed in this article and are still in need of a further reduction in hunger cravings or an increase in energy and focus. Then supplementing whey protein or a fat burning supplement can assist in getting you to that next level.