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3 Amazing Ways To Honor Your Beloved Pet Who Passed Away

Saying final goodbye to your pet is probably one of the hardest things that you will ever deal with in life. Losing a furry friend leaves an irreplaceable hole in our heart, regardless of all the memories that you have of times cherished together. But thankfully there are ways to honor our best friends.

Here are 3 amazing ways you can remember and honor a pet that has passed away:

1. Journal About The Happy Times

Whether it’s sudden or after a long life lived, it is very tragic to lose your pet.  It’s important once your dog has passed away to think about the happy times of you together. Just give yourself time to deal with the loss, and preserve their memory in the way that they deserve. Talk about your pet with your friends and family or you can write a journal about the happy moments that you have shared.

2. Plant A Tree in Their Honor

Many people when they lose their pet give donations or get permanent inks, but planting a tree is also a nice way to honor them.  Pick a nice spot in your yard and plant a young tree, and as the years pass, you’ll be able to watch that beautiful tree grow big and strong. Each day that passes you’ll have a living legacy that you can always look to when you want to be reminded of your special friend.

3. Memorial Bracelet

In honor of your pet’s memory you can buy a memorial bracelet that feeds 22 shelter animals. This bracelet serves as a memory of the dog you loved and can help homeless animals to find their forever loving homes. Click here to get yours.

Remember that your loving pet will always stay in your heart!

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