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2022 Streetwear Trends

Vintage-inspired sneakers: Updated classics and vintage effects

Just look at many of the new sneakers that have been released recently. Most, although designed in the current era, seek to rescue the retro style that marked past decades , ranging from the 70s to the 2000s. Another interesting way is to renew classic sneakers and give them a new twist. It has happened with adidas Originals Forum 84, which have served as inspiration to create the Forum Bold. Of course, silhouettes from yesteryear have also been rescued just as they are and their presence in the market has been strengthened thanks to collaborations and the continuous launching of new colours.

Unisex clothing collections: The future lies in genderless fashion

Fortunately, society is changing. We have long since left behind the absurd idea that there are colors for girls and colors for boys. The next step is in clothing and footwear. Fashion in general is taking steps towards unisex sizes, which in English is known as genderless . Garments have no gender. A shoe does not have to be only for men or only for women. If you like them and they are your size, buy them and stop thinking about whether or not they are cataloged for the gender with which you identify .

Within the gender neutral current isIVY PARK, which in 2021 has opted for collections in which we found unisex clothing with standard sizes for everyone. Hopefully in 2022 we will see many more streetwear brands betting on genderless fashion .

Dr. Marten’s sandals

Dr. Martens is known worldwide and has outgrown its humble beginnings. The brand’s identity is now about rebellion and self-expression, making it the perfect branding for creatives, explorers and risk-takers around the world. Although boots have been the focus since the brand’s inception, some great shoe designs have emerged, such as Dr.Martens Vegan Boots. Like the boots, Dr Martens shoes are comfortable and come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials

As already mentioned, dr. Martens sandals are a great addition to your summer outfits. The brand’s AirWair technology has also been incorporated into the sandals to give you the comfortable and springy feel that is synonymous with their soles. A summer short would go perfectly with our sandal line, be sure to pop by the shorts sections and take a look. In the winter season, Dr Martens 1460 is popular.In summer, however, you’re not limited to sandals, Dr. Martens boots can always spice up your look. They are just as ideal as trousers and t-shirts for the warm weather. Try different colors with your outfits, such as the white and maroon boots that blend seamlessly into summer ensembles.

New Balance everywhere: There is no stopping them

New Balance has put everyone on their feet over the past year, becoming one of the top brands of the moment. Of course, one of the streetwear trends of 2022 is that New Balance It will continue to be very important and you will not stop seeing people everywhere walking around in their latest sneakers.

Cargo pants: More pockets, please

The outdoor aesthetic has continued to be promoted in recent months. One of the most representative garments of mountain and hiking clothing is precisely thecargo pants, which will once again gain strength in streetwear in 2022 . This trend mainly seeks to transfer the outdoor style to the city, to achieve more practical pants and take advantage of the resistance that their fabrics usually have.

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, cargo pants (or cargo pants ) are those that have extra pockets, usually at thigh or knee height, on the sides. It is common for these additional pockets to have a flap or zipper closure. They were quite popular years ago among certain urban tribes, but today they have become quite democratized and can be seen in all kinds of looks and styles .