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17 signs that show he really is in love with you

Action speaks louder than words. Observe the attitude of your man when he makes you feel like the most special person in the whole world or when he plans your future together and be sure that you’re the only one who makes his heart skip a beat.


1. He gives you tons of compliments when you least expect it. When you’re in your pyjamas, no make up on and fuzzy hair or even when you stand angry on the scale showing you’ve gained a few pounds, he’s your only admirer.

2. He manages to find something beautiful in your culinary disaster. He wants to show you that he appreciates your effort, even when the result isn’t great.

3. He remembers the little things you mention and then use them to surprise you. Your favorite flower is often in his hands and your favorite songs are played during your intimate nights. He is actually present and hearing while you talk about the little things you love.

4. Your success is his pride and joy. He makes it clear that your happiness is his happiness.

5. He uses his sense of humor to put a little color in your dark days. He does his best to put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down.

6. He gives you his honest critics when you’re alone, but he’s your biggest supporter in public. When things go wrong, he’s the shield standing between you and the real world.


7. He has a great respect for you, even during arguments. Not a single bad word comes out of his mouth even when he’s angry at you.

8. He’s not afraid to show you his ‘naked’ soul. He often shares his feelings and emotions with you. Remember that emotional intimacy is really hard for men.

9. He calls you with only one thought in his mind- to hear your voice. Is there a nicer feeling knowing that he’s called you because he wanted to hear the sound of your voice?

10. You feel like a lady around him because he treats you like one. His attitude shows how much you mean to him.

11. Your opinion has the power to change his decisions. It’s important for him to hear your opinion and he always takes it into consideration while making a decision.

12. It’s not a problem to swallow his pride and say Sorry. He never makes you feel guilty for his mistakes.


13. He always has a smile on his face even when you’re late.

14. He tries to win over your friends and family. He cares what your friends and family thing about him and he always tries to be at his best around them.

15. He stands by your side at your best and at your worst. Relationships aren’t only smiles and roses, there are thorns on the way. He can often keep his mouth shut when you’re nervous or in your PMS and be your shoulder to cry on when you feel like the world is collapsing.

16. When talks about the future, he makes it clear that you’re in it. ‘Me’ becomes ‘US’.

17. He gently kisses your forehead while you’re asleep without the intention of waking you up. And sometimes he stares at you while you’re sleeping. (Give him a nice kiss if you catch him doing this)

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