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12 Easy Nail Art Designs For Autumn

After the plenty of inspiration, that we already have for easy summer nail art designs, inspired by summer, now is time for impressive easy nail art designs for this autumn.

The autumn palette is gorgeous! You can be very creative doing the best nail art designs using bronze, burnt orange, yellow and red hues and decorative nail polish.

Autumn Ombre


It is time for a simple autumn ombre manicure with a doze of the beautiful autumn colors mix.

Choose your favorite autumnal shades and follow the ombre tips:

– Paint your nails with the base color that you have chosen.

– Pour a little of the other colors side by side.

– Twirl the colors together with a toothpick.

– Take a sponge, and dab it into the polish and onto the bottom of the nail. Repeat this with each nail.

Autumn Trees

Paint your nails with a dark red shade, then create an ombre effect with yellow polish. To get simple trees look use black nail polish.

Autumn Leaves

Use a nail striper tool or a nail brush to create these autumn leaves very easily.

Autumn Stripes


Start with gold base polish and then draw some stripes in various autumnal colors. Mix it up with shine polishes and lively oranges or dress it down with dark greens and reds.

Autumn Marble Effect


Use 3 – 4 autumnal colored polishes (red, orange, gold) to make this beautiful marble manicure which is very easy to do. Apply your base color, then allow it to dry, and apply the second color. Use use a plastic wrap to apply at the wet polish. This will create the marbled effect. Continue with this process with all the remaining colors.


Owls are incredibly fashionable  and frequently seen printed on clothing or as the main subject of the accessories. Also, it is a good idea for your nail art design. Take a look at the simple tutorial below.

Spooky Eyes

Halloween is the perfect time to have some real fun with your nails, so take a look at some simple Halloween nail art design. You only need 2 nails colored polishes and 2 different sized dotting tools. Take a look at the simple tutorial below.


These cute pumpkin nails may seem a little difficult to create, actually it is very easy, just look at the video below!

French Pumpkins


Try out this French pumpkin manicure. Apply an orange base polish, black tips and half-moons. Also, you can paint the crescent green for a real pumpkin look!

Candy Corn


To create candy corn nails, first paint the nails with a coat of orange, then apply a strip of tape in the center of each nail, and painting yellow and white on the sides.

Blood Splattered

Although it looks tricky to make, actually, is incredibly easy to do. You will need 2 nail colors, some tape and a straw. Take a look at the simple tutorial below.

Thanksgiving Turkey

If you want to have Thanksgiving inspired nails, here you can watch how to create easy feathery turkey manicure. You will need a nail striper and dotting tool.