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Easy Summer Nail Art Designs

Nail art design is on trend right now with big potential to be your most effective accessory this summer. The sun, the sea and the sand, actually the summer can give you the plenty of inspiration for easy summer nail art designs.



Super cute and very easy nail art to bring sunshine on your hands. Use a sky blue polish for the base, and yellow  for the sun. With a nail striper draw the sun rays.

Melted Ice Cream


Adorable and delicious ice cream nails which are very easy to create. Use your imagination and try this looking-good nail art design.


The tribal nail print has been trendy for the past few summers and it still is. May seems difficult to create, but it’s actually very similar. All you need is a nail pen and a steady hand! Take a look at the tutorial:




If you like to have delightful little strawberries on your nails, it is very easy. All you need is a toothpick or dotting tool and red, green and white nail polish.



The wonderfully refreshing watermelon is a winner nail art design for this summer season. The colorful red and green contrast makes you feel refreshed during hot summer months.



The best way to embrace the summer time is the nautical theme. Paint your nails with white polish and then use a nail striper to draw the navy stripes. Create a little gold anchor for the accent nails.

Palm Trees

If you love these beautiful palm trees designed nails, it’s time to get the toothpick or the nail stripe out again. Take a look at the very helpful tutorial:


Sunset Ombre


If you like to have those beautiful summer sunsets on your nails, all you need is orange and yellow polish and a little imagination.

Lemon Half-Moon


These lemon and half-moon nails are fabulous to look cute and cool for this summer season. Use a white polish first, then with a nail striper draw the lemon slices.

Neon Half-Moon


Neon nails are the best choice for this summer, especially if you are at the beach with your gorgeous summer tan. You can use the paper reinforcing ring trick to create this nail art design. Cut a paper reinforcing ring in half and place it at the base of the nail. You can then apply your base color and peel off the ring, then fill it in with your chosen neon color!

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