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11 Fat Burning Foods You Can Find in Your Supermarket

 Sticking to a healthy, calorie-controlled diet is an important part of the weight loss process. It’s necessary to help maintain the calorie shortage that forces the body to begin burning its fat. But did you know there are some foods that can make your body burn calories faster? Well, strange as it may seem, there are; and anyone who incorporates these foods into their calorie-controlled diet can greatly improve their existing results. If you like the idea of eating fat burning food, you may also be glad to learn this kind of smart eating does not have to cost a bomb. Many of the most powerful fat burning foods can be obtained cheaply and easily from your local supermarket or corner store.

1. Coconut Oil

Nope! It’s no joke. If you are looking for a good food to help you to lose weight, don’t shy away from coconut oil. It helps you to lose weight by boosting energy levels, suppressing hunger, balancing hormones, and enhancing fat burning capabilities. Plenty of clinical trials prove this and the participants in one study achieved a 1.1-inch reduction in waist circumference by consuming 30g of coconut oil per day for a month.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Looking for a cheap and cheerful way to naturally boost your weight loss results? Apple cider vinegar can help. It dulls the appetite and has carbohydrate blocking capabilities that can further reduce the amount of calories your body receives each day. The singer Katy Perry swears by it and claims its one of the things that help keep her looking so good.

3. Yoghurt

All yoghurt is good, but Greek yoghurt is the best because it’s thicker texture and higher protein content can help keep your stomach feeling fuller for longer. The fat fighting prowess of this dairy delight doesn’t end there. Yoghurt is rich in calcium and researchers at the University of Tennessee have discovered increasing dietary calcium intake can be very good for reducing belly fat.

4. Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is high in protein and low in fat, so it can help make your stomach feel nice and full without providing you with more calories than you need. The participants in one study were fed a diet that was high in pork and achieved a significant decrease in BMI and belly fat. The researchers said this was due to the meat’s unique amino acid profile. So, if you want to lose weight, stop pigging out at mealtimes and try eating some pork tenderloin instead.

5. Cayenne Pepper

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the capsaicin in cayenne pepper accelerates abdominal fat loss by boosting the body’s ability to obtain energy from food. Several studies prove it speeds up the metabolism and triggers thermogenic fat burning and there is evidence that shows cayenne has appetite controlling capabilities as well. So spice up your diet by adding some slices to your salad or sandwich, or try sprinkling some cayenne pepper over your meal. Cayenne pepper can also be found as a main ingredient in many of today’s female burning supplements. LeanBean fat burner is arguably the best example of a correctly dosed diet supplement

6. Tuna

This fishy fat burner is high in protein and low in fat. Studies show the omega-3 fatty acid tuna provides helps the body to break down its stores of fat and may even turn off the genes responsible for creating stores of abdominal fat. Grill it, poach it, or pull it from a tin, then serve it with salad as part of a low-calorie fat burning meal.

7. Black Beans

Black beans are high in protein and a good source of natural fibre, so they are as filling as they are healthy. The slow-digesting type of fibre black beans provide also helps nourish the probiotic (good) bacteria that are present in the gut. This triggers the release of a fat burning compound called buytrate.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain 9-oxo-ODA. Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have discovered this strange-sounding compound has the ability to kick-start a chain of biological processes that improve abnormalities in lipid metabolism. The compound does not help everyone to lose weight, but it can be a real godsend for those people who have been cursed with such abnormalities and have subsequently gained weight.

9. Turmeric

This is a cooking spice that provides curcumin. It’s a versatile compound that boasts anti-inflammatory abilities. Experimental evidence suggests curcumin also promotes weight loss and helps prevent obesity-related diseases. Turmeric works best when it’s used in conjunction with black pepper because the pepper contains a compound that makes curcumin easier to absorb.

9. Garlic

Garlic may not do much for your breath but it can do wonders for your waistline. Studies show it has the ability to improve sugar metabolism and reduce lipid build-up in the blood. This is made possible by the presence of a compound called allicin that is also responsible for providing garlic with its distinctive aroma.

10. Tofu

Tofu is a soybean curd that is high in protein and low in calories and saturated fats. Scientists have discovered eating tofu is good for speeding up the metabolism and lowering cholesterol. The phytoestrogens it provides also act as an oestrogen substitute. This means women who add tofu to their diet may obtain relief from some of the symptoms of menopause, including menopausal weight gain.

11. Grapefruit

The grapefruit diet became popular during the 1950s and never really went away, but trying to survive on this citrus fruit diet is not easy. Nor is it necessary.  It’s possible to take advantage of the fruit’s fat burning enzymes simply by consuming a portion of grapefruit before meals. Research shows this method can work well and getting regular helpings of grapefruit is never a bad idea because it’s a fruit that’s high in Vitamin C.