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11 Creative Ways to Use Embroidery Patches on This Halloween Day

Halloween is on the way soon! Have you got your costumes ready? If not, there is still some time to get yourself one. There are innumerable ideas you can create your costumes from. Or maybe incorporate some patches for creating a different Halloween look. You can create your Halloween costumes based on your favorite character, movie or book. Or you can dress like your favorite person. All you need is some time and a little imagination to recreate the best Halloween look. It might happen that you create the best one in little time and money.

Instead of buying one overpriced dress online or from any costume shop, you can visit any second-hand stores. You can go hunting for some clothing in a few dollars. Also, you can find the ones having patches like the jackets of the pilots, army or biker. Or maybe, you can select a dress with different patches that make an awesome look.

What costumes should you apply patches on?

Your outfit might need some patchwork depending on what type of outfit you choose to wear. If you wear a military outfit, you might need some more patches that fit. The same applies to dresses like that of a firefighter, policeman and likewise.

Here are some ideas to use the embroidery or such creative patches for this festive season.

A Biker:

Buy a leather jacket or use your old one. You can style it with leather pants and a good pair of boots. You can create custom biker patches and attach it to your leather jacket.

On Costumes:

The embroidered patches can turn out to be great options as patches for your Halloween costume.

90s Fashion:

You can cover your denim jacket with patches of smiley faces, the funky yin-yang signs and more. You can pair it with your favorite denim jeans.

A Hippie:

Who does not love dressing like a hippie? You can create patches like rainbows, flowers, smileys, peace, love, and more. You can add such patches to your tee or shirt and wear it with a leather vest or a pair of bell-bottoms. Tip: Wear round hippie sunglasses too.

Security Guide:

You can create your own security patches for a mall or theatre. You can attach the patches to a white collared shirt or t-shirt. You can style with it a black tie and black trousers or pants. Also, you can accessorise the look with a black hat.

Play Cards – Queen/King:

Do you want to be at your creative best? Do you wish to make your Halloween look stand out?

You can create patches from the designs like the queen and king of cards. You can create the diamond, spade, club or the heart patches in different sizes. You can attach these patches to a cape, skirt or a sash. To complement the look, you can wear a crown or a hat.

A Baseball/Football player:

You can create your own sports team logo and name. Then create patches for the same. Attach these patches to your Football or Baseball tee and style them with a pinstripe pant.

For Decorations:

Every Halloween party is incomplete without some colourful decorations. You can create some embroidered patches in accordance with your party theme and colour scheme. You can attach them with white colored pillows or tablecloths, and hang them in your doorways. You can nestle the patches into a scary spider web. And there are many such creative ways to use the embroidered patches for party decoration.

Halloween Cameo Embroidery:

If you wish to add a vintage style to your Halloween decor, you can try the vintage cameos. This is an amazing collection of the PDF files which you can easily print on a fabric. This way, you can create a beautiful patterned background. You can do little or more of stitching work and frame it for display this Halloween.

Embroidered Candy Corn turned Pin:

If candy corn is one of your favorite Halloween candies, you can make a good use out of it. You can do simple thing by stitching pieces of your choicest candy corns and turning them into pins. This is the best treat to your guests, especially kids.

As a Favors:

Patches have become a trend already. And getting such colorful and beautiful patches can be the best as favors. If you are the host of the Halloween party, you can create your own patches to give away as favors. You can design and create your own spooky patches like the witches, zombie, bats, haunted house and more of such festive fun. You can also create embroidery patches related to the theme of your Halloween party.

Now that you have plenty of ideas for this Halloween party, we are sure you are all set.

Make it a memorable one for yourself and your guests too.

Happy Halloween in Advance!