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10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Acrylic Nails

Taking care of your acrylics and your actual nails are the 2 important components of taking a good care of your acrylic nails. Most women think that acrylic nails don’t need maintenance, but they’re wrong. These 10 tips will help you take good care both for the acrylic and your natural nails!


1. Be Gentle

This is the most important thing to remember. Don’t use your nails to pry things open or to open cans. You can break your acrylic and damage your own nails. You need to treat your long nails gently since breaking them can be quite painful!

2. Keep Your Nails Dry

You need to keep your nails dry because water can cause the glue to loosen. Acrylic nails can attract fungus and bacteria and moisture only breeds them. Always dry your nails after washing your hands and wear gloves if you need to be submerging your fingers during a task, like washing your pet.

3. Repair the Damage Fast

If you notice chips and cracks in your nails, you need to repair the as fast as possible. Don’t wait things to get worse-small problems are easier and cheaper to repair.

4. Don’t Use Acetone

You need to stop using acetone because it causes the acrylic to deteriorate. You should avoid anything that can cause damage to your acrylics such as turpentine, heat, Goo Gone etc.

5. Oil Your Nails Every Day

Apply neutral oil to your acrylics every day. Oil will make your nails flexible and will prevent any cracking. You can use jojoba or rapeseed oil since they’re amazing penetrating oils.

6. Keep the Skin Around Your Nails Healthy

You need to keep your skin around your nails healthy. Moisturize every day and watch for any redness or dryness around your acrylics. This can indicate an infection and you’ll have to remove your acrylics.

7. Apply Clear Nail Polish

Apply clean nail polish to your acrylics once a week. This will help you maintain the finish on your nails and reduce the risk of infection.

8. Wash Regularly

Always wash your acrylic nails with antibacterial soap. This will reduce the risk of infection. You can also clean under nails using a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to prevent bacteria.

9. Apply Vitamin E

Vitamin E is amazing for your nails and you need to apply it on your fingers and nails at least once a week. Vitamin E provides a good foundation for your acrylic nails and keeps your natural nails healthy.

10. Don’t Repair Your Acrylics by Yourself

Don’t try to repair your damaged acrylic nails. You can do more harm than good.

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