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10 Things That Have Damaging Effects on Your Brain

Learn about what can badly affect your brain.


1. Not Having Enough Sleep

This has become a global problem. According to the World Health Organization, people started to sleep 20% less in the last 100 years. Lack of sleep leads to concentration loss and if you struggle with severe insomnia, that can lead to dead brain cells.

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2. Skipping Breakfast

Not eating breakfast will reduce the sugar levels in your blood and therefore you wouldn’t have enough energy throughout the day.

3. Too Much Sugar

Sugar intake, especially dark chocolate, can improve brain performance. On the other hand, if you eat too much sugar can cause problems with albumen processing that leads to your brain not getting enough nutrients.

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4. Stress

Emotional stress weakens the bond between neurons. Nervousness, weak memory and the feeling that everything is going downwards leads to more stress and this way you end up in a bad circle that’s difficult to get out.

5. Sleeping Pills and Sedatives

Using sleeping pills and sedatives can lead to memory loss and can even cause dementia and amnesia.

6. Smoking

When you think about smoking, you think about damaged lungs and yellow teeth. What people don’t consider is the brain damage caused by smoking. Nicotine shrinks the blood vessels and that increases your chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

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7. Not Getting Enough Sunlight

Ultraviolet light from the sun regulates the blood stream and improves the oxygen and nutrients flow. Sunlight also helps the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

8. Too Much Information

Each year, people get more and more information. Although you think this is a good brain exercise, the truth is too much information can lead to tiredness and slow processing of information.

9. Lack of Water

Lack of water leads reduces brain volume that can weaken brain efficiency. We recommend you to drink 1.5-2 l. of water per day.

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10. Multitasking

This has also become a global problem. People are constantly multitasking and are constantly processing lots of information. The downside to multitasking is that your brain is not fully concentrated on each task and all information get processed superficially.