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10 Summer Party Spots in NYC

Summer is almost upon us and this summer everyone wants to get out and about, being seen and seeing friends and celebrities as they have a good time. But where are the best summer party spots in New York? Let us take a look at ten great places to try out.

Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

Brother to actress Chloe Sevigny, Paul Sevigny has opened a cocktail bar which is very exclusive, but so worth the attempt to get in! Get there early and make sure you look fab as the bouncer will scrutinize you carefully before letting you in – if there is any space left, that is!

Le Bain

Enjoy the full New York experience in this vibrant and very inclusive space where people from all walks of life rub shoulders and try out the unique hot-tub for which the club is named (le bain is French for ‘the bath’) which looks out over the Hudson River and makes the perfect place from which to view the sunrise.

The Box

A mundane name for an eye-opening place The Box is not for the faint of heart. Floor shows can take the form of anything from burlesque performances to nude formation dancing to experimental martial arts – whichever art form is on show when you visit, it is sure to be memorable!


The first of the lounge-bars and the grand old gentleman of such clubs now, 1Oak has retained its prestige by the grace of having the cachet to attract a plethora of A-listers from Kanye to Rhianna which makes it the perfect destination for a wide-eyed celebrity hunter!

Fleur Room

Style and elegance, a stupendous view over the skyline and a heavy emphasis on botanicals, this club-lounge is the place to be seen. You can admire the immense vintage disco glitterball that used to hang in Los Angeles’ iconic nightclub Vertigo as you enjoy delicious gourmet bar snacks before going on somewhere for serious partying, or settling in for an evening of witty conversation and banter.

Paradise Club

In the heart of New York’s iconic Time Square, and operated by Studio 54’s Ian Schrager, the Paradise Club should be a tacky tourist hangout, but instead draws some of the biggest stars you will seen on the silver screen, whether that is TV or movie! Come to check it out, stay for dinner and show and see how many celebrities you can spot!


Like pubs called The Office, Elsewhere is the perfect venue for the impatient soul who always wants to be elsewhere! A refreshing change from the usual space starved Manhattan clubs, Elsewhere is immense, thanks to the Bushwick club’s origins as a warehouse. A short train ride gets you there, and you can bop the night away on the main floor, or enjoy cocktails and light snacks on the rooftop area. Check the venue’s listings to see what’s on before you go.

Electric Room

Step down the ramp and through the neon framed door into the steamy world of punk London, complete with ostentatious Union Flags, a sensuous mix of velvet and leather upholstery and a thumping retro soundtrack that will transport you to another place for a while. The strict dress code must be adhered to!

Rose Bar

If you are familiar with the work of iconic American photographer David La Chapelle, look out for his work when you are hunting for the entrance to the secretive Rose Bar! It is tucked into an otherwise unassuming hotel (Gramercy Park Hotel) but is the go-to destination for a lot of stars enjoying after-parties and wrap events, so it is carefully curated to ensure that all the guests, famous and otherwise, have a great time.

Public Arts

You may be excused for thinking this name should belong to a slightly earnest public works department, but it is a performance space where you can enjoy everything from hip-hop to Patti Smith to Latin Cabaret. Or you can escape to the rooftop bar, Public Roof, to chill with some delicious cocktails.

Whatever you want from your nightlife, New York has a summer party destination for you. Why not make a night of it and hire a party bus to take you from venue to venue, taking the party with you as you go? Check out more about party bus rental NYC here!