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10 Spiritually Healthy Hacks You Can Use Right Now

To be healthy spiritually makes you healthy physically. There are simple things that can be done to achieve this, below are a 10 of them:


  1. Get at least one hour of Sun, this connects you to nature, and health wise it is the best form of vitamin D which is essential for good bone health, eye health and heart health.
  2. To get the full effect of this, you must stand barefooted on the ground or grass preferably while basking in the Sun, you could be still in a place or simply take a walk for at least an hour.
  3. Eat more of live fruits and vegetables, anything that comes from the earth directly is best for the body, raw organic food has a way of repairing your body tissues and cells and it keeps you in touch with Mother Nature, it lifts your spirit up
  4. Drink Alkaline water, this is more nutritious than ordinary water, it balances the PH level of the body, detoxes and nourishes the body. It will repair damaged tissues in the body while flushing out harmful toxins from your body
  5. Drink unsweetened cocoa powder, also known as food of the gods, it has a property called theobroma similar to caffeine that lifts up the mood and spirit, it’s amazing, just a sip and you will be transformed, more like a legal high.
  6. Switch your fluorescent lights to led, preferably yellow bulbs, this gives more of a sunlight type of energy, fluorescent lights flicker each seconds and disturbs the energy vibration around. The Led lights bring you closer to nature.
  7. Stop using fluoride toothpaste, this is actually not too good for the teeth and it also kills energy vibration in the body
  8. Wear gold jewelleries and accessories, gold gives you almost the same type of vibration as the Sun, so since you won’t be out in the sun all day, wearing gold accessories directly on your body is a good way to soak up the energy vibration you would get from the Sun
  9. Prayer, this keeps you grounded and makes you get in tune with God who is the creator of heaven and earth, when you pray regularly, you will feel a sense of Joy from within. There will be an overwhelming feeling that will come over you, something profound you won’t be able to explain. Prayers move mountains and is the solution to any challenges or issues you might encounter in life
  10. Giving a helping hand, this activity makes you feel so good that you would want to make it a lifestyle after sometime, nothing beats putting a smile on someone else’s face. You could help out by giving money or your time.

Doing most of all these or a few will change your life for good. After a while, you will start feeling at ease and at peace with your self, all these has a way of nourishing you mind, body and soul. At end you will grow spiritually, mentally and physically  leading to self actualization and realization of your purpose on earth which is man’s ultimate goal, to discover one’s reason for existence.

Author Bio: 

My name is Jan Watson, I’m the author of 4 laws for the slimmer better you and a blogger at http://www.yourherbalremedy.com/ am also a stay at home mom passionate about health and fitness, so i decided to take up writing on a variety of topics and product reviews which i know you would find useful.