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10 Signs You and Your Partner Are Turning Into the Same Person

When you’re with someone for some time, you start using the word “we” more often and you start to think that you’re the female version of your partner. Finding your soul mate is really amazing. The more time you spend with your partner, the more you start to turn into the same person. Here are the sings that show that you and your partner are definitely turning into the same person:


1. You’re wearing matching outfits without planning ahead

You go on a date and you notice that you both look like you’re dressed from the same closet.

2. You have the same laugh

You start noticing that you have adopted his dorky laugh.

3. You quote the same movie quotes at the same time

You both have the same favorite movie and you both know all lines from it. So each time you watch the movie, you quote the same quotes at the same time and you end up the quotation with a high five.

4. You order the same things for dinner

Each time you go to a restaurant, you end up ordering the same thing.

5. You both have awkward dance moves and you’re not ashamed to show them

You both dance awkwardly but you’re not ashamed when you do it together.

6. You both secretly love reality shows

Sometimes you’re afraid to admit it to your friends, but you both enjoy hanging together and watching stupid reality shows.

7. You double team stories

You just love telling stories together.

8. People think you’ve been together for ages

People think that it takes a lot of time to have the same weird similarities you both have. That’s not the case with the two of you.

9. He starts drinking your favorite drinks

Although he wasn’t a fan of wine, he started drinking it overnight. And he loves it!

10. You start looking like siblings on pictures

You start noticing that you both look alike on pictures. Well, at least you’re both cute.

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