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15 Signs That Show You’ve Reached the Comfortable Stage With Your Partner

These signs will definitely show you that you two are leading the same way in your relationship, and you are not ashamed of each other like before.


  1. You can’t sleep without each other. You send photos of the empty side of the bed with sad emotions.
  2. You get suspicious when the other partner dresses nicely when they don’t have work that day. If you are not wearing your pajamas, then there is something new happening.
  3. You book his dentist appointments for him. You overstep the line between girlfriend and mum.
  4. You mainly call each other with mean names. “Pick up your laundry, dickhead”.
  5. He buys you your tampons. Hmm, that is a true sign of love.
  6. Your intimate routine is so predictable and is perfectly choreographed. You know the exact time and place where will happen.
  7. Underwear has lost any significance. He wears his Christmas boxers. Yours are faded and old one that lost their elasticity.
  8. You’ve started to dress the same. And even exchange clothes, most days.
  9. His mum message you more times a day, than him.
  10. You only kiss when making love. Except the obligatory kiss on the cheek every morning, which gives you a nice spring in your step.
  11. You are talking about what your kids will be like. “Do you think I’m going to be the nice parent?”
  12. You are totally on your own planet together. You can’t even imagine what people would think if your odd ways were being secretly shown to the world.
  13. His passions about you start to bother you. “Wow, that is sweet. Now shut up, I want to hear the TV show.”
  14. You have full list about the next TV series you should watch together. And you get excited every time.
  15. You’d rather hang out with your partner than your friends. Because you’re not just boyfriend and girlfriend, now you’re BFF’s, and it’s amazing feeling.