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10 Creative Storage Ideas That Will De-Clutter Your Life

It can get really overwhelming living in a cluttered space. These amazing and creative ideas will definitely de-clutter your home! They’re so super easy to do and perfect for any home, big or small.

1. A jewelry storage behind your full length mirror


You’ll have your own jewelry cabinet!

2. Organize your shoes with the Ikea’s STALL cabinet


It’s cheap and your shoes will always be organized!

3. Use the space between the fridge and the wall


Each home has that annoying space, but we have the perfect solution on how to use it! Create a mini pantry for jars, cans and spices!

4. Organize your kitchen utilities


This space saving trick is really amazing!

5. Fold out living room set


This is a perfect solution for a multi-use space. It can be a bench, a bed, an entertainment zone and a dining set.

6. Keep your scarfs organized


Use a hanger to save some space and to organize your favorite scarfs.

7. Pocket shower curtains for small bathrooms


It’s really the perfect solution for small baths.

8. Use the space under your stairs


Just add pull out storage drawers under your stairs and you’ll have so much more space!

9. A Captain’s bed for small bedrooms


A Captain’s bed will give you so much storage space to your small bedroom!

10. Makeup Jars


Don’t throw away your old candle jars. Just glue them together and use them to organize your makeup.