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10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

If you want gorgeous and shiny hair then you need to pay more attention on how you treat you hair. The way you wash, dry and even style your hair can affect your hair’s health.


Check out if you’re making these hair care mistakes:

1. Not Brushing your Hair Before Washing It

Wet hair is prone to tangling and that’s why it’s best to brush your hair before getting in the shower. Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet because that’s when your hair is weakest.

2. Brushing the Ends Only

Your scalp’s natural oils are the best conditioners. Try massaging your scalp and brush your hair from the roots to the ends. The scalp massage will stimulate hair grow and circulation.

3. Being a Clean Freak

Washing your hair every day will make your hair lifeless and will strip the healthy oils from your scalp.

4. Conditioning

Many girls condition only the ends but truth is, you need to condition your roots also. Another thing to remember is not to use too much conditioner and to thoroughly rinse your hair after conditioning.

5. Towel Drying

You might think that it’s healthier for your hair to towel dry it instead of using a dryer. This is true but if you rub your hair too much with a towel that can lead to breakage, frizz and rough cuticles.

6. Not Using Heat Protection

If you’re one of those women who can’t live without their flat iron or curler then you shouldn’t forget to use heat protection. Applying heat protection will protect your hair from the heat and will smooth your cuticles.

7. Using hot irons on wet hair

Never use hot tools on wet hair. Heat can burn the follicles of your hair and make it weak. Your hair must be completely dry before using hot tools to style it.

8. Applying Hairspray Before Styling It

Don’t ever use hairspray before straightening or curling your hair. Hairspray contains alcohol and alcohol burns on contact with heat. Apply some hairspray after styling your hair.

9. Regularly Teasing

Teasing is a great way to add a little volume but if you do it regularly that can damage your hair cuticles and even lead to breakage.

10. Mending Split Ends

Once your hair splits at the ends, there’s no way you can mend it. You can try and use products that contain argan oil or beeswax to minimize visibly split ends but the way to solve this is to go get a trim.

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