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The 10 Best Hair Care Tips

The hair is one of our most valuable accessories and completely can change your appearance. Here are the 10 best hair care tips and tricks that can help to make your hair routine just a little bit easier.


Apply conditioner on the ends

Actually, you don`t need extra moisture conditioner on hair roots, unless you have really dry scalp, because the scalp naturally produces oil, and adding any extra may give your hair a greasy look. For the best results, apply your conditioner on the bottom  of your hair, and concentrating on the ends.

Sleep on a silk pillow

Replace your cotton pillow case, with silk or satin. Silk pillow case is not only better for your skin, but also for your hair. Cotton is harsher and may cause damage to your hair and split ends. It doesn’t seem like you can notice the difference, but we sleep on it every night, so silk and satin are definitely better for your skin and hair care.

Massage Your Scalp

Stimulate your hair growth and strengthen the hair roots by a scalp massage during shower every morning. With soft massage of the scalp, actually you can increase the blood flow and contribute to a better mood. Also, it reduces stress and relieves the pain by improving the circulation.

Use a wide-tooth comb

The first rule for a healthier hair is not to comb when is still wet, especially not with a paddle hair brush. After washing your hair, you try using a wide-tooth comb which is safely and doesn’t damage your hair like other hair brushes. To remove the tangles easier, comb your hair while you still have conditioner on it.


Brush before you wash

Here is another useful trick if your hair is prone to tangles. Always brush your hair before shower or bath. You will definitely remove the tangles easier after showering, and this is also very important during the washing process to reduce the clogs.

Let the styling products absorb well

If you are one of those women who spend more on styling products, be sure that you are getting their full benefits. Always leave the hair conditioner and others styling products on your hair a little bit longer for better results. After brushing your hair, after shower or bath, apply your products right away and let them absorb into your strands for about 10 minutes before you start using the hair dryer or any other styling tools.

Dry before you style

When you use a heating tool on wet or damp hair, it can cause slow but inevitable damage. Before using any of your styling tools such as curling iron or flat iron, make sure your hair is completely dry.

End the split ends

Split ends are signs of over processed, damaged  and unhealthy hair. You can prepare at home some natural hair masks that can prevent your hair split ends. Actually hair is made up of a protein (keratin), so it is very important to include plenty of protein in your diet to prevent the ends from splitting in the first place.

Use your bobby pins wavy side down

You probably didn`t know that the wavy part of the bobby pin should be upside down. The wavy part of a bobby pin grabs the hair, while the straight part holds it down. This way also looks better if your bobby pins are exposed!

Spray your bobby pins

If you are having a problem with your bobby pins sliding out, try to spray them. Place your bobby pins on a paper towel or tissue, spray them with a light spray, and then let them dry for a 1-2 minutes, before putting them into your hair. This is especially helpful for fine, straight and thin hair.

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