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10 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games for Kids

Take advantage of the summer days with the best backyard games for kids and adults. If you are looking for great family fun spending more time outdoors, here are 10 of the best DIY backyard games. Many of these fun games are very simple and cheap to make and you can play them with your kids anytime.

Yard Twister


This backyard game is fun for the whole family, no matter of the age. You can use special ground spray for marking the circles to prevent damaging of your grass, and it is very easy to remove afterward. Depending on how many will be included in this game; you can make the board as big as you want. You can also customize the size of the dots depending on the players’ age. Small circles are better for smaller children.

Passing Practice Tarp


If you think this game will be fun for your kids, you can do it yourself in the backyard. Cut out several squares with different sizes in a tarp, and then line up the edges with colorful duct tape. Mark the squares with different point values. Turn this game into a fun match by seeing who can get the most points in 10 throws.

Bean Bag Toss


Drill a couple of plastic buckets with different sizes and have fun throwing balls, rings, rocks or bean bags. Turn this game into a fun match keeping the score by marking the buckets with different points based on their size. This game will keep your kids busy and entertained for hours.

Backyard Obstacle Course


Use your creativity and make some fun obstacle course in your backyard. You can find anything that can be useful to create this game, such as hoola hoops, tires, ladders, pool noodles, strings, rope, buckets, cones, boards….whatever you will think of! Use your stopwatch to keep track of how long it to the kids takes to complete the course. This game will keep the kids active and busy trying to make the record.

Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe


You can create your own tic-tac-toe board with some interesting outdoorsy theme. Use your creativity and make this game more fun for you and the kids. Include the kids in drawing and making this game, too. This is fun for any age, and you can also find any items in your own yard, you think that are perfect for this outdoor summer game.

Pool Noodle Olympics 


The Pool Noodle Olympics are so flexible, so either you can do it yourself or buy because they are very cheap. If you want to be creative, you can bend them, cut them, and shape them into anything. It is for sure that your kids are going to love this fun backyard game.

Water Wall


Actually, you can make a water wall for your kids by yourself, the only thing you need is a peg board and zip ties. It sounds like a science experiment and definitely you are going to have real fun making it as well playing it. So, start collecting all of those plastic containers and cutting out the old garden hose into pieces.

Balloon Dart Board


Pin few colorful balloons to a board in your backyard and let the party start. The kids will have real fun blowing up those balloons. You could fill each balloon with a different number that wins a corresponding prize.

Slip N’ Slide


All you need is plastic sheeting for this game. The kids adore Slip and Slide, so make their summer days more fun.

Stumps Tug-of-War


For this game you need few milk crates or wood stumps. This game is good for your kids to keep them balanced and show some strength, while trying to pull off the challenger. And is real fun for the whole family.

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