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Heartbreaking Photo Of a 5-Year-Old Boy Shows The Children Suffering Of Syria’s Civil War

This is the picture which shows the horrors of the civilian suffering in Aleppo.


The 5-years old Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh is waiting in an ambulance dazed and covered in blood after a recent airstrike in eastern Aleppo by the Russians. He is one of five children injured after a bombing on Qaterji neighborhood. The picture was widely shared on social media.


A video was also released by Aleppo Media center, which shows how Omran being lifted from a house, covered in grey dust, and placed on a seat in an ambulance, before rescuers leave him to go back to the scene. Shortly after, two more children are seen in the ambulance. In total, four children, two men and a woman were reportedly hurt in the explosion.


Omran was taken to the M10 hospital for a check and later he was discharged.


Aleppo has been held by rebels since 2012 despite being the target of a Russian-backed government siege.


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