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How to Become a World Known Fitness Girl?

Getting fit and becoming a fitness girl doesn’t have to be the awkward thing to do if you prepare the right plan and give yourself enough time to succeed. Preparing the training plan can be as well easy to do and maintaining that plan properly seems like the ultimate road to getting the perfect results. Since so many models in the fashion industry have already gone that path, things for a beginner are usually so eased up that the only thing a girl needs is: motivation.

Figuring out the best training plan that will get you fit

Writing down your goals and some motivational lines that will keep you up on the track are usually the first thing any fitness model would strongly suggest.

Getting prepared for lots of fun down the road to becoming a true fitness star is one thing that should keep you motivated. In fact, scientists such as the ones from the University of Florida came up with a conclusion that changing the short-time workout plan every 2 weeks seems to be working better than sticking to one plan for a lifetime. As they say, it’s not about boredom, but the fun and challenge each new training plan has.

Deciding the importance of fitness in your life

If you really feel fitness is for you and you’ve decided this is the thing that you’re missing for a complete satisfied life, then organizing your time in a way that you will have at least 40 minutes in 3 or 4 days a week, plus the time needed for a prep and the stretching out and getting out of the “fitness world”. Putting aside an hour to an hour and a half each other day would be just enough for a start. Be tough on yourself: only you can make the decision to either improve or neglect your health and your body.

They say the first two weeks are usually the toughest. And this is proven right, as the first weeks of your new regimen are about scaling your endurance.

The art of setting your goals: Is it only losing weight?

If your only reason for doing fitness is losing weight, this is a totally wrong start and a lame goal, since fitness is a lot more than dropping on the scale. Ever thought about all those benefits of exercise, such as heart strengthening, muscle building, improving mental health, regulating your metabolism and a huge another list of benefits linked to fitness. If you found at least one that you strongly desire to improve, you are on the right track. Otherwise, it’s probable that you will stop the routine quickly and get zero results.

They say fitness is a way of life. Have you decided to change your laid-back activity style to something way more active, healthier and worth doing? You are still becoming a fitness girl, right?

Your aspirations may not be becoming a cover model, but building some well-toned, admirable muscles and a great figure seems quite a realistic goal. While you are toning those muscles, you are burning fat at the same time, and this is the number one thing women in the world have gone crazy over fitness-ing.

So now you know your goals and you are ready and absolute about starting your fitness plan, choosing smart is the next logical step to do:  Nutrition!
The one thing you should consider from the mere start of your new way of life, cutting off excess fat from your eating menu, eating more plant-based food along with enough healthy proteins and carbohydrates and gallons of water is the proper way to do it.
From a beginner’s perspective, you may think that an exercise routine is enough by itself, but this is a huge mistake almost every beginner does; because: the results simply won’t become viable if you don’t have a proper nutrition.

Not skipping meals is a rule number 1 in fitness. Instead of skipping meals, try changing your meals into healthier versions which you sure already taught about. Girls often think that skipping a meal after a good workout will null the benefits of the exercise. But, professionals say the opposite: a well-balanced meal with enough proteins and carbs included will fill up your lost energy and help your body get on track with the new way of living while it will still burn calories and feel much better at the same time.

Do the magic: Cardio and weight lifting balance


The next step is starting a plan that will contain an impeccable balance between weight lifting and cardio exercise. What girls are usually worried about is bulking up from the weights, but this is certainly not true – if you do it with a proper amount of cardio exercise after the weight lifting. In fact, all those beautifully shaped bodies you are admiring on the cover photos and all over the social networks are a result of a lot of weight training that is the number 1 factor of seeing a real change in your body. A cardio-only is recommended for those who want to just “zip up” their bodies while keeping them in the same shape they already had before the workout begun.

While it’s often highly recommended that you get your own personal trainer, at least until you catch up the rhythm of your exercise, just keep in mind that quality is much, much more important than quantity is. If you are hardly trying to make one, for example, push up, properly you are investing in your future training in a way that you are making them as better in quality as possible. Perfecting your single workout before going on to another one is the only way you will succeed in getting the wanted results. Plus, this way you are staying away from possible injuries during a workout which for beginners, is quite probable.

Few tricks that work only for the open-minded fitness ladies

Fitspiration is the new term that girls all over the world who don’t go the conventional way in doing fitness get a lot of benefit from. It’s a simple yet effective trick in which you only need to find a motivational line that will lead you in all (without even one exception) exercise routines. For most girls, it’s usually a quote that enters their subconscious easily and motivates them throughout the workout. One European study found out that using this kind of fitspiration lines reduces the rate of physical excretion and consequently, makes you go on further with your training without any fuss. It also keeps your spirits up, so it’s worth a little research, as any girl’s inspiration is totally different. One quote doesn’t work for everyone.

Another trick that may be weird at first, but works great in achieving the desired results in fitness is meditation. A 15-minute meditation every day (no matter if it’s your workout day or not) transforms your body in a state that will accept all the benefits from the physical workout and prepare it for toning and lose weight. It’s actually easier than you think. Thousands of videos on YouTube can help you dig deeper into yourself through focusing on your breathing and chasing the thoughts away. It boosts concentration and surely does no harm, so it’s one worth trying.

The last proven trick that comes up weird when first heard is: visualizing your sexy body silhouette, the one from your dreams. Instead of fighting hard to fit your slim jeans, visualizing your perfect self is an ancient yoga technique that works great with the contemporary fitness life. Seeing is believing, so trying this trick along with your hard workout is another favor your body and mind deserve.

Once you learned the basics, organized your time and decided on starting fitness routines – the next logical question is: are you prepared on becoming a fitness model?

As silly as it looks for a girl with a low self-confidence, apparently, the interest of entering the fitness world seriously is a lot bigger than you think. Google’s analytics show that this topic has a huge interest from girls all over the world.

A professional or a semi-professional fitness job may be achieved easily once you get serious in your workouts and start getting your first great looking results. Meanwhile, the only way to get motivated is to:

Learn from the best: Motivate yourself by following the best fitness girls in the world

Considering the experiences of the biggest fitness divas in the world is doing few steps towards slowly transforming yourself into one of them. The following stars in the fitness field will totally inspire you with their looks and their great advice on finessing.

Michelle Lewin

The strong and far from “skinny” body of the famous Michelle Lewin will totally turn you mad. The 2 million followers on Instagram admire her perfect abs, adorable freckles and perfectly shaped muscles. A pure example of how a local Venezuelan girl working in a hospital can become a great fitness star in no time. The covers of the world’s famous magazines in which she showed up are about 30 till now and counting. When talking about motivation, this girl has her mirror as the thing that pushes her into pushing harder and never giving up. While she never believed she can make it in the fitness world, obviously her motivation was big enough, so she did it in a record time.

Liz and Sara -The Super Sisters

Two is better than one – this counts for the fitness sensations: Liz and Sarah will blow you out with motivation. A healthier way of life along with a super sexy body figure is the goal they have for their fans. Being popular both on Instagram and Facebook under the name Super Sister Fitness; following these fitness sisters and getting the best out of their advice is a favor you should to yourself before even begin practicing. Hundreds of women found these sisters helping about different topics, one of which is getting fit. Plus, their delicious healthy recipes will come in handy once you get out of cooking ideas after that hard training.

Theresa Miller

Give up, give in or give all that you got – this is the motto leading the famous fitness model Theresa Team. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, this fitness beauty is constantly inspiring girls on becoming a fitness fan. Her inspirational quotes that go well along with her exceptional photos picturing her perfectly shaped body are a real boom on the Internet. Concrete meal and exercise plans are what girls get by following Miller’s profile on Instagram. Her Body and Lifestyle Challenge made a great hit for ladies that need a coach in their exercise journey. Apart from this, her tips of the day on Facebook can be equally inspiring and will totally keep you on track with your new lifestyle.

Amanda Bisk

The world of fitness fans knows the Australian Amanda Bisk as the fitness physiologist. Apart from a fitness teacher, this super-looking girl is a yoga master, as well. Her Instagram followers that are doubling in quantity as time goes by, enjoy the magnificent yoga poses she learned only years ago. Such a great result in a short period of time are a motivation by themselves. However, Bisk doesn’t mind sharing her tips with the fans as she knows the role of inspiration in getting the greatest results in fitness. According to Bisk, the insecurities of your body are something worth loving at the same amount as the best of your body. Being happy and ignoring the negativities around you is the advice Amanda often reminds her fans of. Following this extra-motivating fitness master can bring to nothing but excellent results.

Kaisa Keranen

The native American fitness instructor Kaisa Keranen became a true Instagram star just a few years ago. Besides being an idol for many aspiring fitness fans from all around the world, the fitness world recognized this girl as a true star and included her body in various magazines about fitness and beauty.
Following the footsteps of Keranen is easy as she is present at every known social network on the net. Leading a healthy lifestyle and a vigorous bodybuilding routine is the ultimatum for achieving great results. If you are looking for someone to tell you strong dieting is not the right thing – following Keranen will do the thing. Her advice is against extreme diets as she believes that giving yourself enough time to follow a concrete and sustainable goal is more important than quick results that usually end up without long-term results.


The famous Swedish fitness blogger, also popular on the social networks is totally kicking out these years. Going under the name “Fitness on toast”, Faya will blow your mind in the best possible way with a single click of her perfectly designed profile on Instagram and her strong attitude towards cutting out carbs from your diet. According to her, cutting a whole food group will not make you feel good and that is not the point in getting good results when it comes to sculpting your body.

Faya is extremely popular among the fitness fans after launching her award-winning blog where she shares her secrets on getting such a great figure. Following Faya will totally get you fitspired, as she continuously reminds that fitness should be the happy part of your life.

Tracy Anderson

Transforming female’s body into the most proportional frame possible is this Indianan dancer, now a great fitness entrepreneur. If anyone knows how hard the struggle for losing weight and getting the figure of your dreams can be – this is : Tracy Anderson. After a long, long search for the best method that works for a total body transformation, she created her own method, now a brand under the name “Tracy Anderson method”. Creating a balance in the body is her goal that is proven as a working method for hundreds of females following it. Being aware that each body is different, Tracy constantly develops new routines. Her exercise plans are usually about 2 hours a day, so if you are ready for a complete transformation along with a full dedication to the process, following Anderson is the best thing you can do to yourself, and your body

Izabel Goulart

The Brazilian star in the world of fitness, Izabel Goulart is many things besides being a world known fitness model: her epithets include Victoria’s secret Angel, Best Model of “Toshiba Cool Planet”, 12th among the 20 sexiest models in the world and many more. Her nearly 4 million followers on Instagram are getting inspired by her beauty each day. Iza constantly shares her tips for her fans, and the tip that is her favorite and can be frequently found on her profiles is the one that advices a balanced life and a perfectly balanced workout. According to her, developing the strength in the arms and balancing that strength with the one of the legs is the only way one can get synced and run those miles set as a goal. Her motto “there is no finish line” may scare you at first, but once you get into the fitness routine, you will figure out it is the best instruction you’ve ever heard.

Jeanette Jenkins

If you need to listen and see the story of an experienced fitness trainer, Jeanette Jenkins is the right choice for you. Her tagline that goes along with each of her social media profiles and her personal website will be the ultimate inspiration before you hit out the gym for the first time. As she says, no one should be afraid of being a beginner and achieving goals is only possible with a hard work. This fitness coach that is known to the industry for over 27 years is now a founder of the company called “The Hollywood Trainer”, as well as a winner of almost 20 global certifications in the field of fitness and nutrition This established fitness star has set a great goal that you will like: helping everyone finding the athlete in themselves and enjoying healthy living.

Tanya Poppett

Another Australian fitness star named Tanya Poppett is another great fitness instructor that will whoop you into shape with her inspiring techniques and an open-minded approach to workout regimens. The better than average fitness idol has her own brand named “Achieving Balance” and the name of the brand is totally deserved. While her workouts are tough, they appear to be the most original n the whole world of fitness. The most positive and inspiring trainer whose plans can be easily approached through her personal website and various social networks are a must-do for any beginner and fitness enthusiast. A little research about this lovely shaped Australian will open a whole new world of tips on achieving balance in the rush of everyday life, greatest fitness tips and lots of healthy recipes that tasty that you will easily get hooked up. This girl has even developed her own training application that is easily downloadable and contains over 80 different workouts and over 700 unique exercises – one for each body shape and character.

To sum things up: getting fit and entering the world of fitness professionally can be easily achieved with a positive attitude and a full dedication to the plan – once you’ve set it.

Don’t forget that every beginner is pretty much clueless about when and how to start creating a new way of life that will result in a full body and mind transformation. Still, a little research, following the previously mentioned tips and getting inspired by the world known female fitness gurus will ease your way…and who knows? Maybe your name will be found in their list in a much shorter period of time than you’ve imagined. Keep the spirits up and keep working! The results will be visible in no time.

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