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Your Pen – Can Design Your Style Statement

Lettering! Sounds outré and bizarre. Well, though “Lettering”, as an art, has it’s origin date back to as good as 5,500 years, it’s still in vogue, thanks to the breakneck rise of Instagram – the most celebrated image sharing app.

Lettering, never lost its pizazz on its audience. Be it the motel sign-boards of the 1940s or the movie posters of the 1970s, the oeuvre of the handwritten lettering styles and techniques, never failed to capture the attention of people.

In this day and age, with the meteoric rise of Instagram, lettering artists and designers are able to showcase their skill to a global audience and lay claim to a substantial amount of fame and money.

Still, “Lettering” plays a colossal part in modern advertising and visual design.

Getting beguiled to try the magic art!

Want to dive pell-mell into the scintillating world of “Lettering”?

You browse the net and you will have loads of guidelines and prescriptions staring at you, and be assured it can knock you for a six. You can get completely overwhelmed!

Though “Lettering” can get its viewers spellbound – (you can get mesmerized watching how the letters melt and bond together to create that visual magic at par with the modern graphic designs), howbeit, when starting out on “Lettering” or “Calligraphy”, it can be easy to get deterred in your effort.

You will need strong reasons to uphold your interest to learn this magical art.

Come, let’s deep dive to unveil the reasons, this unique art possess to still cast that magic spell on people. Reasons why people still reach out for the pen and not the fancy fonts.

Reach out for your Hand Lettering and get started today!

To unleash the creative you:

In this ever so busy world, where we are just roaming around as technology consuming zombies, we have forgotten the creativity which is bestowed on us. Every little thing is performed by systems and gadgets.

We have forgotten the creative talent that is out of sight. Learning “Lettering” and “ Calligraphy” can help unleash the hidden creativity within you.

It can help invigorate your mind.

Exhibit your creativity to family & friends:

Which is the most cherished gift you’ve ever received in your life?

Hmmm, I’m sure it must be some creative hand-made gift from your family or friends.

Be it your friend’s wedding, your sibling’s birthday, or your parent’s wedding anniversary or your grandma’s 80th birthday, nothing can be as compelling enough as a creative handwritten card. Not even a $1000 gadget.

With a card crafted with hand-lettered state-of-the-art letters, you can be sure-fire to floor them down, every single time. Even your boss.

Cash-out your talent:

You’re passionate about “Lettering” and “Calligraphy”, you can earn big bucks out of it.

You can consider opening an Etsy shop to sell custom-designed, hand-written gift products to launching calligraphy courses online and offline, the options are unlimited!

You can also save a fortune making your own party hand-outs.


Hand Lettering in not just another means of paper decoration. It is a tool to establish your signature style and personality.

It can help you win loads of appreciation and praise, let alone the income potential it comes with.  Excited to get started!

As quoted, trying to master this amazing craft all by yourself can be overwhelming. With expert guidance, it can be easy as a pie.