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Your Guide To Awareness Ribbon Colors And Meanings

When you are looking for the perfect color to support a particular cause, you may have trouble deciding on the color. Not all causes are associated with the same color, so choosing the right ribbon for your campaign can be difficult. In this article, you’ll learn more about the different awareness ribbon colors, and what each one means for the cause. You’ll also get tips for matching the colors with a particular message or call to action.


If you are looking for a guide to the colors of the purple awareness ribbon, then you have come to the right place. The color purple represents many things, including pancreatic cancer, religious tolerance, and animal abuse. Purple ribbons also represent Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid cancer, and Pagan pride. It is also used to raise awareness about the overdose of drugs. The following are the most common causes of purple ribbon wear.

The blue circle represents diabetes and was designated by the International Diabetes Federation. The purple part of the ribbon has the words MFDM on it. A similar purple/green awareness ribbon is used to raise awareness about a disease called sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. This disease is the leading cause of sphincter dysfunction and is associated with poor growth. A purple/green ribbon represents this disease. It is also used to raise awareness about Cacchi-Ricci disease.


Many of us aren’t sure what ribbon colors mean or how to choose one. This guide will show you the color codes and what they mean for different causes. Yellow ribbons are for mental health, kidney disease, asthma, hepatitis B and C, and environmental protection. Purple ribbons are for cancer awareness and chronic fatigue syndrome. A few examples of purple ribbons are listed below. They all stand for important causes, such as:

The color purple and blue are used for breast cancer awareness. The red half of the ribbon stands for Breast Implant Illness. A pink ribbon is for Intestinal Malrotation, which is a congenital disorder that affects the positioning of the intestines. The Blue and red awareness ribbon is for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and the two colors form a question mark. The ribbons are used to raise awareness of various diseases, and can help in promoting a cause.


The yellow awareness ribbon has many meanings. Among those meanings are: missing children, POW/MIA, mental health, cancer, adoption, and suicide prevention. Moreover, this color also stands for hope in general. A yellow awareness ribbon can also be used to support a cause like an amber alert for missing children. This color also helps to spread awareness about a certain issue, like racism, environmental protection, or bipolar disorder.

Despite its various meanings, yellow is also the most common color associated with AIDS. It has also become a symbol for neuroendocrine tumors and a suicide prevention campaign. Other common causes associated with yellow include autism awareness, carcinoid tumors, and bone cancer. A pale yellow ribbon, on the other hand, signifies bone cancer. The puzzle awareness ribbon represents the many faces of autism, including the individual differences among family members.