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You Should be Using Kegel Balls: Here’s Why

Kegel balls have been called many things and can be used for a few different health-related purposes. In discussing kegel exercises you will often hear of their benefits for women’s health and virility, but men can find the exercises beneficial too. One challenge that kegel exercisers often face is that it can often be hard to identify the proper muscle area to utilize when performing their kegel exercises. One recommendation is to practice this by holding in your urine or repressing flatulence, however, this is advised to “feel out” the proper area not as a regular kegel exercise routine as this can lead to harm down the road. This is where kegel balls can be a great option because they act as a physical point of reference for the body and mind to focus on the proper execution of a regular kegel routine.

Especially when people are introduced to more details on “how” to use a set of kegel weights, many are led to wonder about the “why”? Newcomers are often led to ask what possible benefit such a bizarre regimen could serve. Believe it or not, kegel exercises play a vital role in women’s, and sometimes even men’s health especially as we get older. The benefits may surprise you.

  1. They Prevent Incontinence

Yes, it’s embarrassing. If it hasn’t happened to you yet count your blessings, but know that it will only be a matter of time. As we get older sometimes we tend to lose control of our bladders and bowels. This may lead to embarrassing accidents that may take place anywhere. You might be lucky enough to have it happen at home, but if you’re not so lucky it may be during a trip to the grocery store or during the church picnic. These “accidents” happen in part because as we get older our pelvic floor muscles get weaker and deteriorate over time. This makes it harder to “hold it in” sadly even when we most need to.

With a set of Kegel balls and a strong and consistent kegel routine, you can prevent these embarrassing accidents by keeping these muscles are as sharp and strong even as we advance into our golden years.

  1. They Enhance “The Pleasure”

We are all adults here and we all have certain needs. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. While that area may not be as solid and strong as it used to be, it is still active. For that reason, it sometimes pays to keep the pelvic muscles strong by using kegel balls to keep the firm. Do they really work for this purpose? Ask the people who have used them, their reputation is well earned. This is so much so that some other names for these little devices include: orgasm balls, Venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls, and even pleasure balls.

  1. They Can Tighten Things Up

Kegel balls and the exercises associating with them can be used for medical and recreational purposes, but may also help with a certain sense of “intimate vanity” as well. It is commonly known that kegel weights can be used to make women “tighter” and even hasten re-tightening after a recent pregnancy. In addition to tightening your intimate areas, regular pelvic exercise routines that employ a well-designed set of kegel balls can even prevent vaginal prolapse.

  1. Men Can Use Them Too

Primarily most kegel balls are going to be marketed for women. This does make sense considering their usefulness in confronting certain issues in women’s health, but there are also applications for men. Some of the same principles that apply women also apply to men. Regular exercise routines with a good set of kegel balls can prevent the incontinence in men that comes with old age just as it does with women. Not only that but a good kegel regimen can also be used to treat inflammation in the prostate.

None of us are immune to the toll that is taken on us by time, especially as it relates to our physical health. That doesn’t mean that we can’t fight back and that what has now become weak with age cannot be made strong again. You can fight back against the effects of aging on your physical health and quality of life. Kegel balls, when used correctly are just one more tool that we can use to do just that.