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Years of Aging and Relevant Age Defying Treatments

Beyond doubt, ageing is inescapable but letting everyone see those signs of ageing isn’t necessary at all. To be able to reverse those signs of ageing, it is substantial to know what impact the process of ageing has on our skin.

With every passing day we lose some amount of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen present in our skin which is responsible for maintaining the plump and youthfulness of our skin. With the loss of these essential elements our skin becomes wrinkled, starts sagging and other signs of ageing become prominent.

Most of you may not know but unfortunately we start to age when we are merely in our 20s! Sounds unfair, no?

Here are a few ways to identify the early signs of ageing along with some useful non-invasive treatments like Botox London to combat them.

Be more watchful of your skin while you enjoy your 20s!

People are likely to take their skin for granted when they are in their 20s, not knowing that this is the most crucial time to defy the signs of ageing and provide nourishment to the skin.Undoubtedly this is the peak time when our skin is producing the best amount of cells and collagen to give us a refreshing youthful look. However some of the following factors can invite signs of pretty early:

  • Exposure to sunlight ( UV rays)
  • Genetic aspects
  • Hormonal misbalance
  • Atmospheric pollution
  • Improper diet
Some useful tips to prevent those early signs of ageing!

Remember this is the key time to identify the problematic areas of your skin, to nourish your skin properly and to adopt healthy habits/routine to ensure an everlasting youthful appearance.While you enjoy your twenties don’t forget to take the following measures for a healthy glow full skin:

  • Wearing SPF: adopt the habit of wearing a suitable SPF according to your skin type at a very early age to retain the youthfulness of your skin for a longer period.
  • Fruit masks and exfoliators: applying natural fruit masks on your skin can have a very good impact on your skin and if you use exfoliators even twice a week it is enough to wash off all the dirt and pollution from your skin pores and to help keep it fresh.
  • Balanced diet: taking a balanced diet with all good nutrition present in it can have miraculous affects on your skin and ensure a healthy youthful skin even in your 40s!
30s is the age when hiding your age starts to get difficult!

This is the time when our skin appears wrinkled and lines start to appear on it as the production of new cells in our body slows down. Your skin is likely to appear dull, uneven and other imperfections become prominent. Sadly this is the time when others start to notice the youth fading away from your skin and other signs of ageing become slightly more prominent.

With Botox London you can reverse these pathetic signs of ageing!

This is the period when natural remedies and skin care products fail to provide you the desired results. Opting for non-invasive treatments like Botox and dermal fillers can help you restore the volume, improve your skin tone, uplifting your face and much more without much hassle. These treatments and procedures are essential to revitalise your youth at 30s.

Your face speaks your age at 40s!

As the volume from your skin is lost, signs of aging become more evident on your face. With the menopause period drawing nearer, most woman are already aware of their ultimate ageing procedure. Skin elasticity is lost which results in lines and folds appearing on the skin making it look saggy and shabby.

A combination of treatments can help you revitalise your look!

Fortunately with the advancement of aesthetic science there are a number of skin treatments to help us rejuvenate our skin at any age! Periodic sessions of treatments like Botox and  dermal fillers, laser and similar procedures can help reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, crow feet and other signs of ageing. These procedures have minimal risk factors and are lunch time treatments which are a plus.

Handle the menopausal and post menopausal ageing at 50s and after that!

Unfortunately when women hit themost disturbing period of their lives that is the menopause period, signs of aging and other ageing factors become prominent. Hormonal changes cause a lot of chemical imbalance in the body resulting in pimples, acne , puffiness and other imperfections. With the progression of the decade others are more likely to observe the dark circles, crow’s feet, sagging and other signs of ageing on your skin.

Redefine the facial shape even at your 50s and after

To achieve a more significant facial shape at 50s it is best to continue taking Botox treatment in london sessions regularly to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. Other non-invasive interventions like dermal fillers or PDO threads can serve the purpose of restoring the volume of your skin and redefining your profile.