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Yacht charter in Croatia – Sailing in Paradise

Congratulations on finding the perfect destination for sailing this summer. The unique experience of sailing at the Adriatic coast makes ones holiday a true paradise. With over 2800 sunny hours per year, this destination is favored by each visitor and each sailor that decides to yacht charter Croatia and her lovely coast with over 1000 islets.

The unspoiled and kind of rustic setting, all mixed up with a lovely cuisine and an endless list of things to do and see are the secret and the answer of why so many sailors decide to loosen themselves and explore the Adriatic.

What to expect while exploring Croatia on a yacht

Many unexperienced sailors often try to make a picture of what their upcoming sailing holiday would look like. Often, every visitor comes up with his own unique plan to taste and feel this coast in his very own way. Still, most of the travelers leave Croatia with a memory of the lovely cozy villages popping out of the coast, a delicious seafood taste, crystal clear waters and the warm hospitality of the Croatians – a simply irresistible combination that makes Croatia a top sailing destination.


Decide where your yacht should take you at the Adriatic coast

This almost unpopulated archipelago in northern Dalmatia can be explored only by boat or a yacht, which makes it a perfect choice for the yachters and their companions. The trip through this part of Croatia often includes the Kornati islands, as well as the national parks such as Mjet and Krka – spots that no sailor would want to miss. While northern Croatian coast can often be windy and sometimes bring unpredictable weather conditions, you may prefer to start with the sunnier southern coast of Croatia where the highlights such as Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korcula will fill up your holiday with lovely memories that will incise in your mind for a long time.

For the more experienced sailors, the Palagruza island – wildly located at the middle of the sea is the true pick, especially because of its beautiful surroundings and isolated beauty.

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