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The World’s Best Trampoline is also the Safest

Trampolines are a popular pastime during the spring and summer months and kids love them because they’re fun and parents love them because they keep the kids outside — active and healthy. Those looking to add a trampoline to their backyard should consider a trampoline design that puts the health and safety of kids first, as traditional trampoline designs have been known to put children at risk of serious injury. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that nearly 246,875 trampoline-related injuries occur each and every year. If you’re looking for a backyard trampoline for your family, it bears noting that one company has set out to change the trampoline design game from the ground up.

Springfree Trampoline is a manufacturer that is on the side of the consumer and might be a good place to start one’s search, proving that in order to find the best trampoline for sale in the US, it pays to do some research before spending your hard-earned money. This safety-conscious business is devoted to the design alternative that addresses the flaws in older models. The result is a product that is just as much fun to use but with a design dedicated to improving the safety of its users — removing most product-related injuries. Many of the most frequent and most painful accidents occur when children come into contact with the structural components of the trampoline, notably the metal frame or horizontal springs. Usually these components are located directly horizontal to the jumper — and within easy reach.

The Springfree trampoline completely replaces the springs with composite rods that encircle the rim underneath the jumping area. It also moves the exposed metal frame underneath the mat and away from jumpers. This holds the trampoline up from below the jumping surface. These features seriously reduce the chance of impact and injury when the trampoline is in use. The patented SoftEdge matis more shock absorbent than traditional foam pads and gently guides jumpers to the center instead of causing impacts. Around all of this is a mesh FlexiNet enclosure that prevents jumpers from falling off the edge.


In a further attempt to support the health and well-bring of children, this company has added a new innovative digital gamesystem to the mix. The new tgoma outdoor interactive gamesystem is the first of its kind, transforming a trampoline into a connected experience, making screen time for kids less sedentary and isolating, and more active and engaging, elevating the backyard trampoline experience and encouraging kids to go outside and play. Check out #springfree to learn more about the world’s first smart trampoline, and how it can help every parent with the struggle to make screen time more active, and bring family play back to the backyard.

Continuing its standard-setting safety innovation, tgoma’s sensory technology and bevy of custom games are designed to work with only a single bouncer at a time — thereby reducing the risk of injury by rewarding individual efforts.  Combined with the industry-leading features already in place, Springfree Trampoline offers families the safest backyard trampoline experience possible.