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Working from Home Essentials We All Need

The Covid pandemic massively changed the way many of us work. Businesses were forced to close which was difficult at first- but over time, many realised the benefits that this had. Employees reported being happier and healthier with a better work/life balance. The companies themselves saved money on premises costs, and the environment benefitted too due to less people commuting.

Maybe you’re now hybrid working, with some days in an office and others at home. Or perhaps you’re now working from home permanently. You might have even set up your own home based business during lockdown, and have reached the stage where you’ve been able to quit your day job and work it full time. Either way, if you’ve found yourself in a position where you now work from home it’s important to do it right. Here are some essentials to consider.

A Proper Desk Setup

You might have started your ‘working from home journey’ sat at your dining room table with your laptop, on the sofa or even in bed. This might be comfy but it’s not great for your posture long term. Buying yourself a proper desk and desk chair will keep your back and neck healthy, and can also get you into a more productive ‘work mode’ too. If you have space in your home to set up your own office then this is even better, as it helps you to create a boundary between work and home. At the end of each working day you can close the door behind you and know that you’re free to switch off. But at the very least, somewhere to sit is important.

Good Internet Connection

To be able to work properly from home, you’ll need a good internet connection. Anything patchy or too slow will disrupt your work flow and can make you appear unreliable to customers or clients. If your broadband isn’t up to scratch, contact your provider or shop around. Sometimes using wifi boosting devices or updating your computer or laptop to a newer model can help too.

Comfy Clothing

One of the benefits to not having to go into a workplace is that you can wear more comfortable clothing. This can massively improve your state of mind; when you don’t have to worry about the way you look and don’t have to spend eight hours a day in restrictive clothing, then you can focus better on your work. Chances are you’ll feel happier for it. Look online for womens pajamas or loungewear for cute, cosy and comfortable choices.

A Routine

Despite having a more flexible working day, a routine is still good. If you have the ability to choose your own hours (and simply have to complete tasks before a deadline), then it’s worth planning out how you’ll spend your days. The beauty of course is that if you do need to switch things up then you can, If you have a last minute appointment to attend then you can make up the hours later on. But with your day to day work, having an idea of what hours you plan on working can help you to be more productive. Consider if you work best in the morning, afternoon or evening. Think about other things you want to get done during your day and how these can fit around work.

What are your working from home essentials?