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Workers Save A Drowning Dog, Only To Find Out It Wasn’t a Dog At All

It was a perfectly normal day for Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamae and Erki Vali. They were working on the dam in Estonia, near the frozen river Pärnu when something caught their eye. They saw a dog, struggling to catch a breath in the icy water. The brave men rushed towards the river without hesitating to save the struggling animal. They took him out of the river and wrapped him in a blanket. The dog was very big, shivering and in very poor condition. He didn’t drown and they weren’t sure if he’s off the hook yet. His temperature dropped very low, so they decided to take the animal to a vet clinic.

The kind-hearted men placed the dog in their truck and rushed to the vet.

When they arrived at the vet clinic, a serious problem occurred because the vets couldn’t identify the breed of the dog. They called a local hunter to help them do the job. When the hunter came and saw the animal, he immediately knew that the drowning survivor was not a dog at all, but a wolf.

Everyone saw that the dog was exceptional because of its strange appearing, but none of them suspected that the animal was actually a wolf. The workers were shocked when they heard the news, because they kept the animal in their vehicle without a leash and the wild wolf could easily hurt them. Luckily, the wolf was calm. Maybe because he was tired or maybe because he was aware that these men actually saved his life.

The wolf received proper care and managed to regain his strength and reveal his true personality. The vet put him in a cage for the safety of everyone. When the wolf fully recovered, they decided to let him back into the wild. To make sure that he’s safe, the Estonian National Environmental Agency placed a GPS collar to trace his location.