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How to Work With Your Ex After a Split

It can be difficult for some not to feel awkward after a breakup. Even those couples who had been good friends before dating can experience a bit of trouble adjusting to life after love. This can, however, be even worse for those couples that work together. However, it does not have to be awkward to work with your ex unless you make it so. It is as simple as following these few pieces of advice, keeping peace in the office.

Keep It Quiet

Whether your breakup was messy or perfectly amicable, it is important to keep the details of your breakup – and your love life in general – out of the office gossip pool. If you have a hard time passing your ex in the hall or while getting coffee in the break room, make no mention of it. Remember, there is no reason to involve other coworkers in your business.

It can be difficult working with your ex if you agree to have no contact with each other. Depending on your positions within the company, it may be difficult to completely avoid communicating with your ex. However, if your aims are to get your ex back, take care to present yourself as happy and well, especially after doing no contact for a while.

Separate Work and Love

Remember, be sure that your love life is separate from your work life. You must be able to focus on the work at hand instead of remaining distracted by a recent breakup or the presence of your ex in the office. Focus on your work, and doing your own thing – do not let your ex’s business distract you if it has nothing to do with your own duties.

When you are able to separate work from love, you may find to excel – even applying for a promotion if you see fit – at your job with that newfound focus. If you plan on trying to get your ex back, this type of success is something that will work in your favor. If not, hard work is a great distraction from heartache.

Set Boundaries

Be especially careful if you report to your ex. At this point, you may want to discuss the current situation with his supervisor. You do not want to simply go over his head, but avoid any bias or unnecessary trouble if you two are not yet on good terms. Do not communicate over work email or while in the break room. Set boundaries that work for both of you.

An Amicable Image

If you do report to your ex or the two of you regularly work together within a team, you do not want to leave a chill in the air and make your teammates feel awkward or uncomfortable. Experts suggest that, in this situation, you compliment your ex. This air of positivity not only creates a better working environment for your team, but it can help you get your ex back in good time.

Most breakups are hard, and we all deal with them in our own way. However, when you work with your ex, you need to tread just a little more carefully than you normally would. Remember that you come to the office each day to work and excel at your job, not to impress your ex. However, it can be a great place to start if you want to get them back – permanently.

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