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You Won’t Believe it, But This Woman is 8 Months Pregnant

Sarah Stage is 34 weeks pregnant, but her look won’t give away her pregnancy. The 31-year old model documents her pregnancy by posting photos on her Instagram profile. After you see her photos, you won’t even believe she’s more than a month pregnant. Sarah is from Costa Rica but she lives in Los Angeles. She started modeling right after she finished high school and now she’s a part of the „Elite Model Management“ agency. The handsome mother to-be exercises regularly and she’s still modeling. She even models pregnant in provocative lingerie.

Stage says she maintains her toned body with light exercises and Pilates. She only eats healthy meals such as brown rice, chicken, quinoa and vegetables.

Her look caused many comments on the social networks. Some envy her and others attack her and are concerned about the baby’s health.

“Most comments are positive and I try to ignore the negative ones. My doctor says that my baby is healthy and that ”all that matters to me”, says the gorgeous model.

Sarah in 34th week of pregnancy