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Women talk more about intimate intercourse with their friends than with their partner

Our partners are the persons with which we should speak for everything and to be free to tell. But when comes the time to speak for the intimacy and sexual intercourse, most of the women prefer to discuss about it, with their friends instead of sharing the experience with their own partners. The interesting thing is that discussing about the problems, the needs and the fantasies, actually is a good way to improve your relationship and intimate intercourse.

Some recent researches show that women want to speak about this topic more with their friends than with their partner. According to the research results, 1/3 of the women will start this kind of conversation in the circle of their friends and only 16% will initiate this conversation in the presence of their partner.
On a date with the partner, more of the women will speak for the family, vacation and everyday ordinary life, and on the other hand, when women stay alone with her friends, the main subject are the men.
Another interesting fact is that women dress better when they are going out with their friends, than when they go out on a date with their partner.