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Women in the Workplace – How to Crush Your Insecurities To Succeed In Your Job With Nicole Tabs

Let’s be honest, there is still a stigma in the workplace, where women have to put up with so much more than men, from sexist humor, pay gaps, gender bias and fewer opportunities for advancement—the scales are tipped unfavorably. Quite frankly, women need to rise up and crush their insecurities and focus on building their brand, even from the bottom up.

That’s what serial entrepreneur and humanitarian Nicole Tabs did, building her brand to such an extent that she’s left her mark in several industries. She’s CEO and co-founder of Monarchy Media, Upliffs and Serendipity Group Inc., and president of Uplift Art, building seven-figure brands to what they are today.

“I love to work and be creative. I love creating something out of nothing,” said Tabs.”Building businesses from zero to 100, I feel a sense of accomplishment from it.”

Tabs shares her tips to help you overcome insecurities and be the best version of yourself at work and in life.

Curate Your Company

In curating your company, we don’t mean your business, although that’s a good idea too, we’re talking about the company you keep, which is pretty essential. Surrounding yourself with the right people is as important as planning your goals and setting up your business.

Tabs’ mother is the co-founder of Serendipity Group Inc., and has been a strong female influence. Tabs’ dad also serves as an inspiration in driving her success in business, as he himself is a serial entrepreneur.

“Keep people around you who will lift you up and not bring you down,” Tabs said. “Choosing people you aspire to be like is a great way to set goals for yourself while gaining from their positive presence in your life.”

Don’t Get Discouraged

According to Tabs, a sure way for women in the workplace to find their own voice is to avoid listening to the voices that bring them down. Most of us will always have critics. Women are becoming more empowered in the workplace, but it’s still challenging.

One way to stop letting  those voices affect you is to think first about what you want from your career. Do you know what you need to grow your business? What goals have you set for yourself? Once you know that there’s no need to listen to the naysayers—trust your instincts and go get what you want! Additionally, it is important to remember that you need to put yourself first at work, and in life.

Look to Your Mentors

Remember when you were surrounding yourself with people who made a positive impact on your life? Some of these people likely became your mentors. Don’t be afraid to ask people you respect and admire for tips, especially other women. As women entrepreneurs, lifting each other up is as important as finding your own success—so remember to pay this forward as your business grows. Fix each other’s crowns.

Tabs also suggests shadowing your mentors’ success, especially if their career path is one you’d like to mimic for your own. Tabs believes if you focus on working on similar  strategies , you’ll get to where they are, but never be afraid to leverage your connections going forward. As she explains, “I’ve used my skills and connections to build brands and expand my professional network.” Mentors, friends, family members, they’re all part of your network, so don’t hesitate to call on them when you need to. Along with having strong women by your side, having male allies can be extremely positive too.

Control The Conversation

It’s important to come off as strong, confident, and assertive in your conversations, even if you don’t feel like you’re in total control. Taking charge and steering conversations is a great business skill. Developing your own assertiveness at public speaking engagements is a great way to show the industry that you mean business.

It would have been impossible for Tabs to achieve her success without learning how to do this. Some part of this does come from loving what you do. Tabs is passionate about bridging the gap between business and art. So when talking about it, passion shines through. Pick something you enjoy, project confidence, and you’ve already begun on your journey to success.

Never Show Uncertainty

Remember that women are just as confident as men. Sometimes societal perceptions could create insecurities even if they didn’t exist before. As a result, women may feel less confident, even if they have no reasons to. In fact, it is important to practice self-care in order to maintain an optimal state-of-mind.

Tabs suggests learning other ways to say you don’t know without showing  uncertainty, stating, “When you don’t  have an answer,  you can say, ‘That’s interesting, I’m going to look into it,’ or ‘That’s interesting, let me check on that.’ and this will help you seem assertive, independent, and like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life and business.”

She goes on to say, “Remember that your company needs your certainty and stability, so it’s important to maintain both.”

About Nicole Tabs

Nicole Tabs is a serial entrepreneur and humanitarian born and raised in Beverly Hills, CA. She is the CEO and Co-founder of Monarchy, a highly successful business development agency; and Serendipity Group Inc, who launched their new TV series on ABC, as announced on Deadline. To learn more about Nicole, click here: https://www.nicoletabs.com/