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Women Are the Future of Data Science

With all of the empowering feminist movements, women are starting to pave the way for upcoming generations in all fields, including data science. Sisters are going it for themselves. Equality in the workspace is crucial. Research says that there will be an increase of 350,000 job opportunities for women in the upcoming years.

Until now, data science has been a part of a man’s world. But, no more. Educated women all over the world are breaking barriers.

1. Adding women puts diversity in business.

Diversity brings a lot of value and success to a business nowadays.  Customers want brands and companies that support them, regardless of their social status, skin, race, nationality, and gender. Also, it would mean a lot to a customer when they know that they are giving away their money to a company that cares for other people. A lot of companies are selfish and target only specific demographics. By employing women in data science, companies will open doors to even more partnerships that will convert into profit. Also, by bringing women into this field, companies will have different perspectives on matters and see things from different sources.

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2. Bringing down stereotypes.

Women have always been regarded as the weaker sex, but that’s not true. Women are equal to men. Women were not even allowed to vote a few centuries ago. People saw them as being bad at bringing decisions and numbers. Still, women today are a minority, unfortunately. Steady but easy, that has been changing. By employing women, companies are helping to bring healthier generations that are open-minded and bring down horrible stereotypes that are destroying women’s lives.

3. Help the early development of data

Data science was something not regarded as important in the past. That’s why we can easily say that data is in their toddler years and early development. That’s a one or more reasons why women should include in this field. There should be a balance ration of male to female employment in every field, especially in fields in development. By employing women, the filed will be more established and there would be a deficit in the future. Not all companies employ a big percentage of women, for example, Facebook has only 20% of women working in data science. That doesn’t look good for big companies like Facebook. Women are fighting to increase those numbers and hopefully, they will get what they fight for.

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Women should not be left out. There are so many things that they can contribute to, including data analytics. Sexism has been a big issue for modern society and it’s a shame that exists today. Equality sets the pavement to happier lives with no judgment. Everybody should be given the opportunity to have proved themselves in the best light.