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Women Are Angry Because This Popular Hair Product is Making Them Bald

So you’re sitting at home wondering what you can do to make your hair look fabulous. Suddenly a commercial on the TV pops up and shows this amazing before and after looks, and you’re thinking- GOD I must buy that hair product! So you spend your money and try that “amazing” product you’ve purchased.

What if that same product is making you bald?

Many women are claiming that the popular Wen hair care product by Chaz Dean is making them go bald.


You have probably seen all those commercial for Wen that guarantee to make your locks look gorgeous. The company calls the product “cleansing conditioner” that “includes”  a perfect blend of special ingredients, including natural botanicals and herbs, and do not contain sodium laurel sulfate or harsh chemicals.

Wen has been making a lot of money, around 100 million of dollars from his products, but recently many women are getting angry because Wen has been making them lose their hair.

Wen received more than 200 lawsuits from customers that claim that the product is making them bald.
In his defense, Wen said that those lawsuits are only a small number of users and that the company will “contest the allegations made against our products.”

Most of the women who sued Wen claim that they suffered severe injuries to their scalps, hair damage, breakage, hair loss and discoloration.


The lawsuit is comprised of mostly women who say that they suffered “severe injuries” to their scalps, and some of the users are children.

One customer even claims that when she called customer service to complain, they just brushed her off.

One woman wrote: “I suddenly saw several noticeable bald spots on my scalp… and immediately stopped using Wen.”

Another woman wrote: “The more I continued using this product, the worse it got… but it really didn’t cross my mind that it could be my hair product. I was seriously concerned about my health, worried that I had an internal issue.


Here’s what the spokesman of Wen said about the lawsuits:

“We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe every product meets our high standards. We want all of our customers to have positive experiences with our products, and we encourage any customer with any questions to contact us.

With well over 10 million Wen products shipped since 2008, our customers’ overwhelmingly positive response to Wen is a testament to the benefits it can deliver for its users. These benefits are reflected in consistently high rankings from independent consumer product sites as well.

Importantly, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support any claim that our hair care products caused anyone to lose their hair. There are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair, all unrelated to Wen hair care products. We intend to vigorously contest the allegations made against our products.”