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This Woman Photographs Herself Wearing Traditional Dresses At The Most Famous Places In the World

The 49-year old Pavlina Melicharova travels around the world and takes pictures from behind in each country, wearing traditional dresses. She walked away from her unhappy marriage three years ago and embarked on a quest for self-discovery in October, 2015. Now, she is also filming for the Thai TV for one reality show program about travelers.

At the beginning she took pictures in wedding dresses, to inspire women who are in a bad situation in their relationship to do something new and positive for them. The ‘Traveling Bride’ has traveled to more than 20 countries for 16 months, and her future plans are to visit Middle and South America.

Pavlina is a model, photographer, designer, hairdresser, and stylist in ONE PERSON.

Take a look at some of her amazing travel photos:

Jaisalmer, India

Tlaquepaque, Mexico

Salina Cruz, Mexico

Rajasthan, India

Sri Lanka

Puebla, Mexico

Jaisalmer Desert, India

Sri Lanka

Sapa, Vietnam

ROTU BOKO, Indonesia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sibuyan Island, Philippines