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Wolf Hit By Car Gets a New Chance in Life

Wolves are considered to be villains, but they might not be as dangerous as we think. Animal lover Mark E. McNay has analyzed more than 100 wolf attacks and he claims that have not been reliable accounts in North America of wolf attacks ending in human death the entire 20th century.

Wolves aren’t always the villains, they’re sometimes victims too. In March, one wild wolf got hit by a car in Israel. The driver continued to drive, didn’t look back, leaving the wolf to die. Luckily, one good man spotted the injured wolf and brought it to the vet. The wolf got named Oliel and was terrified when he got in the vet’s office.

Oliel’s leg was broken, so he was given anesthetic so the doctors could fix his leg. His recovery wasn’t easy at all and it took 4 months to get healthy and strong enough to get back into the wild.

The vet put Oliel in a cage so they could release  him into the wild. They arrived at the destination and the cage was put on the ground. The vets opened the cage and waited to see what will happen. Oliel was thrilled to see his home again. He was ready to live his free and wild life once again.

If you see an injured animal on the road, stop and see if you can help him. Don’t let poor animals die on the roads, alone and afraid. One small action can save someone’s life!

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