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Wish to Have Gorgeous Hair Like Celebrities?

One thing we know for sure is that celebrities’ hair is usually flawless, and their hairstyles frequently become trends. Remember back in the day, when Keyshia Cole had all the girls wearing their hair with the blonde streak in the front with red hair in the back? Or perhaps, do you remember when women, young and old wanted their hair to look like Farrah Fawcett? Or when Beyonce had all the girls wearing lemonade braids? We can go on and on about celebrities’ hairstyles. Have you ever asked, stopped, or even just wondered how celebrities manage to have the best-looking hair? How is it that their hair is always full, long, shiny, bountiful with curls? Well, let me let you in on a secret. Most celebrities wear hair extensions, but they don’t just wear any type of extensions, they of course invest in the market’s best top-quality hair extensions there is.

What are the best hair extensions?

The best hair extensions that anyone could invest in is Raw hair. Raw hair is 100% unprocessed human hair which means this hair is no different from your hair, as the hair was grown from someone’s scalp.  The hair comes from one donor and once cut, the hair is wrapped into a bundle to ensure the cuticles are intact and aligned. Raw hair is real hair that hasn’t been altered in any way making it the purest hair on the market. Raw hair can originate from any country, as long as it is real human hair from a person’s scalp, that hasn’t been chemically altered and or steamed process. Additionally, Raw hair doesn’t have any synthetic fibers or silicon fillers which is typically found in your traditional packaged “human hair.” The most popular country that Raw hair comes from is India, which is mainly drawn from the temples in India. Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam are other popular countries where Raw hair is gathered from.

How does Raw hair look?

Raw hair texture is typically coarser and typically less silky in comparison to Virgin hair. Additionally, Raw hair usually only comes in straight, natural wave and curly patterns. Remember, this is hair that was grown from someone’s scalp.  Therefore, no two bundles are the same, which is commonly seen when with Virgin hair, as the hair is steamed to achieve identical patterns.

Investing in Raw Hair

If you want to purchase the best, premium hair on the market then Raw hair is the best hair to invest in. Raw hair can last for years with proper care. Some of our customers have had their Raw hair for over 5 years now. As you would expect, when comparing Raw hair to other human hair, it is more expensive but that is because the quality of the hair is top tier. Poor quality hair never lasts long and investing in poor to low quality hair will end up costing you more as you will eventually have to buy more hair. Therefore, it is better to spend the extra money up front to ensure you are getting the best hair money can buy. Just Good Hair makes shopping easy as they only provide the best RAW hair on the market. They also understand the value of Raw hair and has made it affordable with their buy now and pay later program, which allows your purchase to be spilt into monthly payments.

Can Raw hair be colored?

Some say Blondes have more fun while others say Reds turn heads. If you like blonde, red or any other colors, you can definitely add some flare to your hair. Raw hair is the highest quality of hair, allowing coloring and bleaching to be done effortlessly. Coloring Raw hair results are amazing as the colors are more vibrant in comparison to lower quality hair. So, yes, Sis, you can definitely add a pop of color to that Raw hair and it won’t change or diminish the quality of the Raw hair.