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Winter Wellness Tips

The winter season is around the corner. We look forward to being in the company of our family members, delicious meals and several long winter naps. Not forgetting the warm and comfortable clothes and blankets. However, several challenges come with this season such as the flu, minor accidents from slipping on the roads and constantly feeling unexcited.

Fortunately, there are a few healthy winter wellness tips that you could apply to get through this season with ease.

1. Always wash your hands thoroughly

This will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs hence no flu. It is also the most critical tip of having a healthy winter season. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and running water. Clean your hands before preparing meals, when eating and after visiting the bathroom. Wash your hands regularly if you work or live with a sick person.

2. Control your stress levels

Take a break! If you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed from a long year of toiling, take a rest. Interact more with your family and friends where you can laugh more and be happy. Enjoy long winter naps to reduce your stress too.

3. Dress yourself and your children in warm winter clothes

When heading outdoors, dress in warm, lightweight garments that have several layers. Some of these include vests, shirts, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves and waterproof boots. When the temperatures rise in the afternoon, you can always remove some of the clothes.

4. Do not Smoke

Stay away from smoking or being a passive smoker. Tobacco usage poses a significant health risk to anyone exposed to smoke from tobacco.

5. Remember to fasten your seatbelts

Get the right car seats for your children according to their age and height and secure their seat belts. For older kids who do not need car seats, adjust their seat belts so that they are safe and comfortable. Fasten your seat belts even when driving for short distances. Ensure that all your passengers are buckled up too.When securing your children’s safety belt, it is advisable that you remove their winter jackets. Instead, cover them with their jackets once they are strapped. This will avoid any cases of strapping them in insecurely.

6. Get regular medical checkups

Medical exams differ from men to women. Consult your doctor on which checkups to undergo and when. Remember to update the medical personal medical history and that of your family too.

7. Get Vaccinated

Vaccinations like the Flu jab are known to prevent acquiring severe medical conditions thus saving lives. Your physician should communicate your next due date for vaccination.  You may want to go one step further and have a full health screening.  If you are in the UK Bluecrest look like one of the best providers.

8. Keep an eye on the children

Over the holidays, there are many activities to engage in which result in many distractions. If you have young kids, store away any toys, medicine, drinks, and foods that may pose any danger to the children. Additionally, when purchasing toys for the kids, ensure that they fall within their age limit.

9. Familiarize yourself with fire safety routines

Study shows that most of the fires at home occur during winter. Always shut down all power and fire outlets when they are not in use. These include heaters, candles, fireplaces, and stoves. Come up with an emergency escape plan and practice it often in case of a fire.

10. Prepare all meals safely

You may follow these simple routines. Wash your hands, food and the kitchen surfaces before making a meal. Avoid any forms of contamination. Store food in the fridge to retain their freshness. Lastly, cook all foods at the right temperatures.

11. Consume healthy foods and exercise

Ensure that all your meals contain fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of sugar and fatty foods. Moreover, exercise regularly together with your kids to help burn the extra calories and prevent weight gain.  There are some great recipes from the BBC

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