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Why You’re Losing Weight But Not Your Belly Fat? Here’s What To Do

You get committed to a healthy nutrition and workout regiment, and you start seeing the results on the scale. Many women reach their weight goal, but get really disappointed that they’ve lost no belly fat. It might seem logical to lose belly fat as we lose weight, but the reality is that you really can’t tell your body where to lose fat. Do not get discouraged, because we can help you stay lean.

Why is body fat so stubborn?

Everyone’s body type is different, but belly fat is mostly a sign of stress and insulin resistance. When you’re feeling stressed, your cortisol levels rise and that cause fat to store in your belly. Genetics plays a huge role as well, so if some of your parents have belly fat, you might end up with belly fat too.

In addition to genetics, your weight-loss method may als0 play a role. If you’re on a low-carb diet, you will start losing weight faster, but this happens because of the water loss in the muscles and not fat.

Experts explain that losing weight too rapidly is a huge mistake. When you’re losing weight rapidly, it’s difficult for your body to preserve muscle, so you end up just losing weight and not body fat. If you want to preserve muscle, you need to lose weight gradually, not more than 3% of your body weight per week.

If you want to lose fat, especially belly fat, you need to focus on a nutrition plan that contains high-fiber foods, healthy fats and lean proteins. You need to make sure that half of your plate is full of plants, veggies and fruits, while the other half should be protein and whole grains.

Here are some incredible tips on how to successfully lose weight and belly fat:

– Avoid processed foods. They will make you gain weight and they’re not good for your health
– Eat until you’re 80% full, instead of finishing when you’re full
– Drink a lot of water
– Avoid sugary drinks
– Consume high-fiber foods such as whole grains, oatmeal, veggies, berries, spinach, apples and whole-wheat bread
– Avoid fried foods
– Limit your cheese consumption to one time per day

Don’t torment yourself if you occasionally indulge yourself! If you fall off your plan, get right back on track the next time you have a meal.

When it comes to exercising, remember that even if you only do stomach exercises, you can’t spot-reduce the fat. The most effective way to lose overall body fat is a combination of HIIT cardio and strength training. Try to do strength training 3-5 times per week to improve your body composition and metabolic function.  Also, incorporate cardio into your workout routine to increase your calorie deficit. This doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym everyday. It just means that you just need to get moving throughout the day to increase the amount of energy burnt.

If you’re only focused on losing weight and fat, you may succeed, but the results won’t last for long. Embrace a healthier menu and don’t look at exercising as a burden. When good nutrition and exercise become your lifestyle, you’ll lose weight and belly fat in a healthier manner but the results will be permanent.