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Why Your Business Needs A Dedicated Business Address

If you have a great concept for a business then there are probably many ideas that you have for how you are going to get this business off the ground. One thing that you may have not given much thought to is the address that you will use to register your business, particularly if it will be run from home. However, having the right benefits of a business address can be more important than you may think and there are several reasons for this.

It Creates A Good Impression

When a customer is deciding whether to use your business or not then making the right first impression is crucial. You want your customers to view you as a professional outfit and using your home address can make you look like an amateur. There are some home addresses where it would not be immediately obvious that this was a residential property. Several years ago you may have been able to get away with this but even then it would have been risky. There is a chance that any local customers would have recognized the address and local people are likely to be your best source of new customers so you do not want to exclude them as potential clients. These days people from all over the world can look at Google street view just by entering your address and it will look much better to potential clients if they see a commercial building rather than your home.

It Keeps Your Home Address Private

Running a business from your home does not mean that you have to sacrifice any of your privacy. Using a business address means that you do not have to reveal where you live to any of your customers. One of the main reasons why this is so important is that it helps ensure that your home remains secure. If people are aware of the fact that you are running a business from your home then it may increase the likelihood of your home being broken into. Thieves believe that they may find equipment or even cash stored at your property and this puts your home at greater risk even if this is not the case.

You will also need to put your business address on the form that you submit to Companies House when you register your business. This information will be readily available to anyone that searches for it. Having a dedicated business address means that there is no need to mention your home address at all and this helps to protect the privacy of you and your family.

Take Advantage of Local Business Directories

All towns and cities have online business directories where people can find details of companies that offer the service that they are looking for. If your business office is in a major city then you can sign up to the directory in this location. This stands a higher chance of someone finding your business through an online search than if you used your own address which is in a more residential area. Local directories are one of the best sources of information that local people use but your postcode will have to match the area that you are trying to target.

As directors forming a company you will have to give a lot of thought to where you want your business address to be located. Large cities are almost always the best choice because they attract more investment and business opportunities. If you pick the city that is closest to where you live then it should be fairly easy for you to get to the office when needed.

Get Your Mail Forwarded

Most virtual offices will also provide a mail forwarding service which is another way you are able to keep your home address private. If your business address is not too far from your home then you may choose to go and collect your post yourself. This will often be the cheapest option and so it is something that you may want to consider if you are just starting out and money is tight. If this is something that you are not able to do then your mail can be forwarded to your home address but this is a service that you will have to pay for. It is common for a fee to be charged for each piece of mail that is forwarded to you but this will only usually be to cover the cost of the postage.

Make Use Of Meeting Rooms

Another feature that is available at many virtual offices is the use of meeting rooms. Having access to a space where you are able to meet clients can do wonders for your credibility. Without the use of a meeting room you may have to start making excuses about why you are not able to meet your client at a business premises. This is something that has the potential to give a client doubts about you and your business and so is something that you will want to avoid. Meeting rooms at a virtual office are able to be hired for an hourly rate and so you can decide how long you want use of the room for. They often come fully equipped and so you will have access to all the technology that you need during your meeting.

Using a business address is often a cost effective option if you do not need the use of an office on a regular basis. The benefits that have been discussed above make it an option that is well worth considering. It is completely possible for people to earn a living by working remotely these days but having a physical address can help give your business an extra advantage as it gives customers confidence. Directors forming a company need to do all that they can to give this company the best chance of success and having a dedicated business address will play a big part in this.