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Why You Should Visit Ukraine

No doubt many travelers have asked themselves why they should visit Ukraine. It’s not a popular tourist spot and is a little off the beaten path for sure. That’s why we spoke to travelers who had visited the area and ask them to tell us why you should visit Ukraine. Here’s a look at what they had to say.

Ukraine Is Impossibly Diverse

Ukraine is one of those countries that is so diverse you have to come back. There’s nowhere else in Europe that you could get a tan on the beach, take up skiing on the mountains, and take in what Europe has to offer in just one vacation. The diversity of Ukraine spreads to the people as the country hosts artists in Kyiv, Crimean Tatars, miners in Donbas, and Carpathian Hutsuls. You’d be hard pressed to find such a diverse cast of characters in any other country.

Ukraine Is About the People

Travelling is all about the people, and as soon as you arrive in Ukraine almost everyone you see will greet you with a smile and genuinely care that you have a nice time in their country. If you’re someone who enjoys meeting, greeting, and learning from the locale when you travel then you owe it to yourself to meet the fine people of Ukraine.

Ukraine is Beautiful

Ukraine is stunningly beautiful, in particular the golden domes of Kiev and the churches and museums of Lviv. The castle of Kamyanets-Podilsky is also a very charming sight. No matter where you go in Ukraine there is something incredible to see, and a friendly native who will tell you all about it.

Ukraine is Filled With Contrasts

The country is filled with contrasting people and sights, and this is something that makes it truly memorable. There are times when you will find yourself choosing to sleep in your car rather than spending the night in a brothel, and then there are times when you live in the lap of luxury by renting out an incredible room. You will have a wide range of experiences and you will love them all.

Ukraine is One of Those Places that is Quickly Disappearing

You might have heard some horror stories about the Ukraine; about how you will be pulled over and have to bribe your way out of trouble. You shouldn’t let these kinds of rumors stop you from visiting this beautiful country. There was a time when guidebooks about Eastern European countries would encourage you to visit them before they were softened by their EU membership; before they became too similar to their western European counterparts. The same could be said of the Ukraine. It is a great place to visit, with low prices and plenty to fascinate you, but this country is a part of Europe that is quickly disappearing. Visit it while you can!

There is a lot to love and enjoy about Ukraine, and the only way for you to experience all of this for yourself is to actually visit. So what are you waiting for? You already know why you should visit Ukraine use destinations.com.ua for help. Now you just have to do it.